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“A World Without Cru Sauvage”

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Steve Bug is back with a brilliant release to close 2007. In between A&Rring three labels, mixing and promoting two high profile club mix compilations, (fuse presents steve bug, earlier this year and the 37th edition of fabric‘s prestiguous mix series to be released in november), we are glad he has found some studio time. „A World Without“ on the a side is what we love Steve Bug for - his analogue warm sound and his simple understated fashion but unhurried abilitiy to bring in slowly burning intensity taking things to a different level and his talent in using minimal elements for maximum effects. The track kicks off with a subtle groovy beat plus Steve‘s vocal sample and shows him adding layer over layer of nifty sounds building up to a hypnotic groove, after which the more and more stomach punching synth kicks in - he then strips things back to the nude again in the exact right moment. The track has something magical to it from the very first beats, a sure dancefloor winner that will captivate dancers and listeners at both peaktime and after hour sets. „Cru Sauvage“ on the b-side is based on a bubbly bleepy melody, a collage of deep and twisted effects grooving around the beats, heavy offbeat snares, and unexpected house chords. An impeccable production, and the perfect flipside to Steve‘s last release in 2007.

PFR91 in the media

Cassy (Panoramabar): “finde ich super! ” : “ "Poker Flat se resiste a despedirse de este año 2007 que tan buenos réditos le ha reportado a nivel de crítica y público (y a nivel comercial, por qué no decirlo). Por ello, es el mismísimo Steve Bug, cabeza pensante del sello de Hamburgo, quien nos entrega un nuevo maxi en solitario de enrevesado nombre: “A World Without Cru Sauvage”, un ep de dos cortes cien por cien Bug donde el teutón da rienda suelta a ese house vanguardiasta y burbujeante para bailar con los pies y la cabeza. Así, “A World Without” rompe el hielo con un corte hipnótico y envolvente que en apariencia podría resultarnos más techno que house, pero que en esencia no es sino electrónica de club contemporanea inetiquetable, pero sí bailable (y mucho). Un sample vocal con una voz masculina que dice algo así como “plastic”, se desliza durante el minutaje amortiguada por pads y chords bien puestos. Un temazo, vaya. “Cru Sauvage” completa la propuesta con una visión diferente del universo sonoro “bugniano” en un track que nos demuestra que nos es casualidad el interés del germano por las producciones de Redshape. Techno milimétrico con cierto aroma a house de la vieja escuela y a clásicos básicos de actualidad como Steve Racimad. Un 12” completo y muy recomendable para acabar el 2007 con buen pie en lo electrónico y, sobre todo, si eres dj, con buen gusto tras los platos. ”

D'julz (Pokerflat/Paris): “ works great on big floors" ”

D'julz (Pokerflat/Paris): “"i' play" cru sauvage" , works great on big floors" ”

De:Bug (GER): “Charts # 17”

DJ Magazine (UK): “dj hype chart # 13 in dj mag!”

Emerson: “"wonderful new singel cool groovin tech house tracks with a great flow" ”

jeff bennett (kung fu): “Excellente, both top notch tracks, but my winner is "A World Without" wicked builder! ”

jeff bennett (kung fu): “"Excellente, both top notch tracks, but my winner is "A World Without" wicked builder!" ”

Karotte (Cocoon): “steve bug ist wie immer ein cooles brett, wird gespielt. gute nummer. ”

Laurent Garnier : “"oh YES! 9/10 points." ”

martin landsky (pokerflat): “both tracks are great...a side is my favourite though...bug-esque dryness in a top notch production.... ”

martin landsky (pokerflat): “both tracks are great...a side is my favourite though...bug-esque dryness in a top notch production.... ”

Mijk van Dijk : “"good stuff. i like the energy of the a-side that evolves out of the typical dry bugbeat... b-side just keeps it up where a-side did not dare to go. definitely something new in steves productions and a sure player for me." ”

Monika Kruse: “rockt mal wieder extremst und ist in meinem case ”

St. Sebastian: “"nice stuff steve really like this really, nice driving stuff just what we like 8/10 Cheers" ”

Will Saul (Simple Records): “'A World Without' is really hard to fault....such a perfect balance of percussive interest and melodic hooks. A stunning record." ”

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