Phage & Daniel Dreier

“Static Bubbles”

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A new month, a new Highgrade release! This time we have our heroes Phage & Daniel Dreier back in the house, with their new Static Bubbles EP. After some glorious releases on Klang Elektronik, Sender etc, and a few remixes we are happy to have a little Phage/Dreier comeback this month on Highgrade. From the first second they spread their very own trademark sound, for which they got so famous in the Berlin Minimal-Club scene - dry, psychedelic and with a good portion of darkness the ” Static Bubbles ( Dub ) ” will surely cause some confusion on the nation´s floors. Flipping to the ” unseen ” track, Phage & Dreier show us their euphoric and funky side, resulting in a classic piece of modern minimal house music. The original of ” static bubbles ” takes us back again into trippy territory, this is puristic minimal tech house with just about the needed precise funkyness within the grooves for the right shear force - Burner!

HIGHGRADE045 in the media

Dan Foat (IDJ MAG): “Static bubbles is cool, the stabs add a housey vibe. Dropped it early on at Mulletover and it sounded good.”

Dj Misk ( Altroverso ): “it sounds cool and hot the track unseen, my favourite tune of the ep. i like the static bubbles dub too. i will play for sure all record. ”

Dj= Miss Jools (Mobilee): “Highgrade come back strong with yet another great release. Loving B1 melodic journey.full support”

Groove Mag (GER): “Alle Tracks auf „Static Bubbles“ sind trendy-percussion-bestimmt, das aber ganz und gar unpeinlich. Besonders gelungen ist der lange Dub vom Titelstück, ob es aber das Original unbedingt auch gebraucht hätte auf der Platte, sei mal dahingestellt – letztlich ist es einfach nur kürzer. Aber auch der B1-Track „Unseen“ ist ein cooler Neo-House-Groover mit ein paar angenehmen Ecken und einer Top-Hookline, von daher: lohnenswerte Anschaffung, diese Maxi. Clark & Schatz bleiben konventionell-techhousiger als Phage & Dreier, was weniger zeitbezogen sein mag, im Club aber mit Sicherheit besser funktioniert. Zumindest, bevor die Sonne aufgeht (zumal ja jede Trendnase über Neo-Percussion-House eh nur noch stöhnt).SCH”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “I like this release. A bit different sounding a bit the same sound of what's being produced. Like the "A" original the best. But, trying out the dub too. Good release for HG! W”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “will play the atmospheric track on the A side ,late ,when the crowd is well fucked up will trip them out”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “toll! hab ich am wochenende schon gespielt, begeisterung allerorten”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “deep shit, but nice to use to build up.”

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