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“Far Out One Sided Ltd Edition”

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Just in time for the holidays, Mobilee has a very special treat in store: a one-sided, limitededition single from Sebo K, who makes his triumphant return to the label after a busy few months that helped cement 2007 as his breakout year, thanks to his appearance behind the decks on Back Up Vol. 01, Mobilee’s first mix CD, as well as an acclaimed single for Get Physical and a remix of Efdemin’s classic “Lohn & Brot” for Liebe Detail Spezial. “Far Out” is just that: a track that goes the distance, but without pretension or unnecessary fanfare. More understated than your typical anthem, it cruises in stealth mode, winding a refined, percussive groove ever tighter, threaded onto a pattern of needle-nosed toms that glides almost unnoticed under your skin. Unnoticed, that is, until the track’s main riff comes crashing down like an awning full of icicles, sharp and cold and heavy. But Sebo K’s sense of restraint is such that he never beats us over the head with it, so to speak. Instead he lets the groove spiral on, tightening it as he goes and whipping up chilly little sinewave twisters along the way. You can leave your mittens at home, though, because there’s enough heat in the rolling bass line to keep you warm all winter long. On the flipside, Mobilee has another surprise to round out the package: an exclusive artwork designed by Paul Snowden, the mastermind behind the infamous “Wasted German Youth” and “Minimal My Ass” campaigns. His one-off design is a reminder that vinyl will always rule.

MOBILEE032 in the media

2000 And One (Intacto): “ "man this is sebo on a diffrent tip. sci-fi techno groover, strong bassline. love those 808 sounding toms. than that riff in the middle which makes it all happen. spooky kinda, yet subtile. hope to hear more of sebo in this fashion. number 4 in my december chart!!!"”

Anthony Collins: “ "very good stuff from sebo as usual! happy to have this for the week end!"”

Claude Von Stroke (Dirty Bird,: “ "Play!" ”

Dan Curtin (Tunig Spork / Meta: “ "The Sebo K sounds pretty wicked. Will be great fun to drop this in the club. Love the hook, why does it sound so familiar?"”

Dan Foat (IDJ MAG): “Ace production and perfect dancefloor sensibilities.. Keeps the floor locked and sounds great. Sebo K is the man. ”

DAVE DK (Moodmusic / Dialect): “ Yes, yes, this is one hot new Sebo 12”, like the simple bass groove topped with spacy percussion! The massive chord theme makes “Far out” a real floor filler, will play a lot, 10 of 10! ”

Dave Ellesmere (100% Pure): “"as always it's top quality ... nice round pumping deep hynotic spacey vibes all round"”

DJ Gio MC-505: “Nice tool micro-techno-house by one of the most popular of Mobilee's artists. I like the sounds in the middle, with noize and low-fi fx and the rollin' bass. Really good for dancefloor.”

Dj Misk ( Altroverso IT ): “very cool! the percussions create the right warm feeling and the cool chords make people screeeeeeaming!!!! :)”

Dj= Miss Jools (Mobilee): “Sebo comes back strong with another sure hit for the Mobilee camp..super!”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “excelent ! charted #3”

Franck Roger (Realtone): “Playlist!”

Geddes (mulletover): “ Played twice at the weekend at went down a storm at both events. Sebo on Fire again!"”

Giles Smith: “Sure this will be big but definitely prefer Sebo's more housey business.”

Groove Mag (GER): “ Call it Abstract-Latin. Die Art von Bassline, die Sebo K in „Far Out“ verwendet, ist eigentlich schon durcher als durch, aber im Zusammenhang mit den verwendeten Zutaten stimmt wieder mal alles. Raffiniert gemacht, Schlitzohr! Allerdings: ‘Far out‘ ist diese (einseitig bespielte!) Platte nicht, eher ‚fett (mitten-) drin’. Da muss man aber erst mal hinkommen! SCH ”

IDJ Mag UK: “Sebo K rounds off his breakthrough year with another example of why he has risen through the Berlin ranks to become one of the worlds leading housing. “Far Out” is typically understated; with a precise stripped back groove that creeps up on you like an angry badger on. On a snazzy 1 sided 12” with “Wasted German Youth” artist Paul Snowden etching some exclusive artwork on the flip. DJF”

Jamie Jones (Crosstownrebels/C: “Have been playing this almost every set, really works on the dancefloor. Sebo K on top form as usual.”

Jamie Jones (Freak n Chic, Cro: “ "Love this.. works wonders on the dancefloor. ”

Jimpster (Freerange): “ "Another blinder from Sebo! Pure, unadulterated funky abstract dance from one of my favorite producers right now. Love it."”

Jimpster (Freerange): “This is a beautiful EP full of some really emotive late night electronic music. All three tracks are excellent.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “ "Dig the track! Hypnotic!"”

KIKI (Bpitch): “ "Habe es am Wochenende auf 2 Gigs in Frankreich gespielt und unzählige Leute haben danach gefragt!" ”

Layo: “another strong release.”

M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical): “ Glückwünsch! Saubere Sache. Wird sofort eingesetzt.”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “top-track! hab ich auch schon gespielt und geplaylistet.”

Mikael Nordgren/ Tiger Stripes: “ "Its hotter than a chefs armpit! Will play it a lot. Thanks."”

Mike Monday (Om): “Sebo K manages what so many fail to do, and that's to make stripped back music interesting and beautiful. Class. One of my top producers for 2007.”

Miss Jools (Sleeper Thief, mob: “ "VERY NICE!;)"”

Miss Kittin: “ "Great great track... Will play on high rotation... Thanks a lot!!!!"”

Russ Gabriel (Ferox): “ "More techno funk deepness from the Mobilee crew. The bassline in this one just rolls along from start to finish. Really like the old school toms. Just had a quick mix with the track and it glides smoothly into just about everything. This is going to be a great record for the dancefloor for sure. Can't wait to play it out. Full support!"”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “Full support! Sebo, nice one :-)”

shinedoe (intacto): “Top 10: # 6”

WOODY: “yeeees, love it! ”

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