“Baguette Ep”

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It’s not easy to forgive the Vichy collaborator swine for helping Nazis rule Europe for 6 years, and as you might know…we at Turbo are very much against Nazis, in fact we recently refused to release a pretty good demo by a 92 year old “Paraguayan” named Klaus, cuz I just didn’t like his vibe (or his track titles: “I Got Gold (Hidden)” and that killer a-side “Caught! (Can I Get A Passport)". But enough about Nazis… I was talking about French people. Ok, so they are annoying as hell, and they hate you, and they talk French… BUT they also make amazing luggage and bread. While working on the plans for my new boat, Thomas Von party kept annoying me with “work” things like “we got more demos” and “there is a fire at the office and I think Oliver is seriously burned, he needs help"….so I was like, “OK, any good demos?".

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