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“Split Pot Ep”

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Lets face the facts - there is not a big introduction necessary for Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildebrand alias Format:B anymore. For quite a while now they have been delighting this worlds dancefloors with their unmistakable sound. And as it was about the time – these 2 dudes payed another visit to one of Berlin’s hottest animals hosting upfront minimal viands: the Opossum! This time, the stakes of the poker game were high: Together with some of you peebs out there, it was played for the next EP´s track positions. Here is a short roundup of the fight from table 012: Right at the start of the first round Bad Beat seemed to be kicking ass – both, the Opossum and Format B had a full house hand. In the end the Format:B’s Jacks proved to be the winning pair and were able to pocket A1 for their full house. For the time being the opossum had to throw in the towel and so Bad Beat dropped to B1. However, an Opossum cannot be defeated that easy: it gets its kicks off the game, pure and simple. So it directly re-dealt the Bad Beat and came out on top as well. In the end of the last round, before all of the cards were dealt, it seemed like one of you musiclovers could win the pot. The Format:B´s and the Possum got the Rabbit Hunt started on B2: Finally we were just keen on finding out if we could have won the pot had we stayed in the game, so we wanted to see the last few cards… It turned out that all the players at the table held an equal hand. Since the shared cards at our 012 table were the best hand of all, Format:B, the Opossum and you guys were able to split the pot. Thats why at the end of our little poker game it was all clear: with this record, everyone’s a winner baby, thats the truth…and making love to you is such a thrill!!!

OPSM012 in the media

Alex Flatner (Daredo / Plastic: “Full House is the Track for me...nice !! ”

Dj Misk ( Altroverso ): “cool production. big bass lines and catchy melodies. simple but effectiveness music right to the dancefloor. playlist.”

Dj= Miss Jools (Mobilee): “"Full house" is definately a floor filler.groovy bassline. nice work”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “nice one, I will play A track”

IDJ Mag (UK): “Format: B’s brand of brash, snappy minimal appeals in equal measure to murky Minus lovers and post-electro party-heads alike, and while this EP won’t win any awards for innovation, it’s the sort of punchy, upfront fare that’s guaranteed to rock the floor. Check the nefarious rattles and staccato bass of ‘Rabbit Hunt’ for optimum results.”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “..big sounding record for sure! thanks”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “nice one like both mix (A & B1) will definitely play ”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “A1 ist der hammer. rollt mächtig.”

Mike Monday (Om): “I rarely play a gig without there being at least one Format B track or remix featured, and this ep makes a welcome addition. I'll play Full House the most which is perfectly described by its title.”

Nudisco (Karatemusik / Gastspi: “Ich kann mich mittlerweile getrost als echten Format B Fan bezeichnen aber das was einem hier um die Ohren gehauen wird, ist die pure Hysterie!!! Full House ist ein Meistergroover allererster Güte, die kranken Sounds und Vocalschnibsel sorgen für richtig viel Spass! Auch Rabbit Hunt sorgt bei mir für Jagdfieber...eine grandiose Tanzmusik mit vortrefflichem Titel, der wie die Faust aufs Auge passt...geniales Release, werde ich mir auf jedenfall nochmal auf Platte besorgen!”

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe /: “(..) right up my alley! Will play and chart!”

Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision): “I rerally like Full House/Bad Beat”

Raveline Mag (GER): “Mit der Nr.12 schießen Opossum Recordings gleich den nächsten Vogel ab. Format:B, alias Franziskus Sell und Jakob Hildebrand zaubern mit "Full House" auf der A ein so was von fettes Brett, welches die Tänzer in Ekstase versetzen wird. Pfiffe und Schreie sind hier garantiert! Schon lange keinen so dicken Beat mehr gehört. Wenn dann, etwa im letzten Drittel, noch das Wawa-Sample einsetzt, dann ist's rum mit mir und ich hab' Pipi in den Augen. Sehr, sehr geil! Auf B1 liegt dann der "Bad Beat", der aber nur im positiven Sinne als "bad" bezeichnet werden kann. Was anfangs noch etwas hektisch und monoton wirkt, entwickelt sich zu ebenso einem Peaktime-Groover, der keinen ruhig stehen lässt. B2 nennt sich "Rabbit Hunt" und ist im Gegensatz zu den zwei anderen Nummern ein wenig verhaltener, aber nicht minder groovy. Hier verdrücke ich schon in der ersten Minute das Augenschwitzen. Auch dies ist eine Nummer für die beste Zeit im Club. Es wird schwer fallen zu entscheiden, welchen Track man spielen soll. Oh, Mann... was will man mehr? Drei richtig fette Dinger! Da kann's nur eines geben: 6 Points gizeh ”

Sian (Pokerflat / Karmarouge): “liking this b1 track!! cheers!!”

Solomun (Diynamic / Dessous): “full house is a excellent club-track.a easy great pumpin bassgroove. will play it.thanks! p.s.without the wow wow,it would be a ten... :)”

Stephan Hinz (Global Scum): “Like Full House a lot. Nice one. Will play it in the next show.”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “ a new fatt release of my mates format: b . my favourite is the a-side. ”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “ a new fatt release of my mates format: b . my favourite is the a-side. ”

Tuomas Salmela (20:20 Vision /: “thanks for the promo. my pick is "full house", good bumpity stuff. will play.”

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