Canson / Styro2000

“Gueti Sach / Inchworm”

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For two years the doors were open monthly at Grubenstrasse 28 in Zurich. And what a two years it was! Musicians from afar were joining a frolicsome party crowd of 300, all done in an intimate maze-like setting where the largest value was put on atmosphere and hospitality - just perfect. Problems with the neighbourhood forced us to close down this last jewel of Zurich’s alternative nightlife. Our guests: Alex Smoke, Sten, Wighnomy Brothers, Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Onur Özer, Jay Haze, Samim, Paul Brtschitsch, Stewart Walker, Tadeo, Jens Bond, Big Hair, Styro2000, Bang Goes, Canson, Michal Ho, Serafin, Digitaline, Cosili, Jauss & M.A. aka Crash Delay, Wandler, Chris Air, Pixelpunks, Kalabrese, Crowdpleaser & St Plomb, Rizzo, Knor etc. We proceed: friendships arisen and memories remained! It is from here that this label will build. For the future, only the acts which were guests at our parties will release on GS. The music has to sound just the way everyone carried themselves; dance floor, energy, 8am and no end in sight, rave and happy faces in front of an enormous sound system.´A Canson - Gueti Sach Canson licked blood! For some time now he’s been increasingly roughing up the tireless party scene of Zurich, and with “Gueti Sach” he effectively delivers the cover track for the labels’ start. The deep, groovy, constantly-driving bass line is infectious as the rhythm kicks and forms. True beauty comes from the inside! After releases on Handheld, Stattmusik, Sub Static, Morris Audio Citysport Edition and Eminor, it’s no wonder more than a few are crazy about this new output. B Styro2000 - Inchworm Right! These bizarre sounds can only be attributed to Styro2000 - typically distinctive. “Inchworm” is an unconventional and tripping bomb. Listen carefully, ‘cos right after the break there’s no holding back. Since 1991 Styro2000 has been a constant institution which can not be missed. He is a skilled technician at his work and internationally appreciated. Kisag Kollektif, Let

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