“Be Tougher, Letters”

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Cadenza Records introduces another new signing to the label: Reboot, aka Frank Heinrich. After releasing tracks for and i220 with his former partner Delle in the duo Delle-Heinrich, the 30-year-old Frankfurt musician takes a dramatic step forward as Reboot, an alias dedicated to grooves both darkly emphatic and dazzlingly polyrhythmic. Launched only a year ago, Heinrich’s Reboot project is so far responsible for the well-received “Charlotte” for Frankfurt’s Below label as well as a recent remix for Greek duo Lemos & Kreon, on Be-Chosen. Where “Charlotte” was suffused with sweetness and light and tentative time-keeping, Reboot’s debut EP for Cadenza Records is considerably darker.

CADENZA24 in the media

Benoit Carretier: “good shot from Cadenza.”

BPM MAG (USA): “Following the label’s mold of unrelenting 10 minute plus tracks, Frankfurt’s Frank Heinrich (Reboot) slowly develops a powerful Latin-tinged house jam full of techno flavor and augmented harmonies. Staggered chords, squeaky edits and white noise washes progress until and omniscient voice breaks up the monotony. A stead filler track or a DJ friendly tool, these cuts are not peak intended and won’t bring booty towards the bass bins. If you are looking for something loopy and driving without the flair, this is your lucky play. Praxis”

Karotte (Cocoon): “be tougher ist der näxte hit für cadenza und schon wieder eine große pladde von reboot. hessen rockt. groovt wie sau. ”

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Habour: “in my charts!”

Onur Özer (Vakant): “Playlist”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “a1, is nice to use as warm up tool. thx”

Woody: “i love it, great! full support! Top 10 : #2 ”

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