Tom Clark & Markus Schatz

“Scribble Mania”

HIGHGRADE046 scanZoom inLabelHighgrade
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In our everlasting effort to push the next generations from Berlin´s Mininal House Scene, we are very happy to feature a quite new artist for Highgrade no. 46. Marcus Schatz, who already released on Berlins Oposum Records, coproduced these two energetic trax with Highgrads mastermind Tom Clark. Two exceptional minimal house cuts, flirting on ” scribble mania ” with a slightly abstract wildpitch feel and on 2 scribble shock ” giving the Berlin after hour crowd their well deserved accelaration- soundtrack with this minimalistic Hypno House gift! Welcome top the club, Mistah Schatz….!

HIGHGRADE046 in the media

2000 and one: “deep techno flow, full support!!!”

BPM MAG (USA): “With only a few releases to date, Markus Schatz teams up with Berlin veteran Tom Clark to raise the bar on what a peak minimal installation should be. Hypnotic to the max, the call and release play between the acid-ish synth leads leaves you mind doing circles. Clever cuts and brilliant fills help lend a seamless hand, making the most subtle tweaks in the two lead synths go almost unnoticed. With a sort of loopy electro-tech edge, the rear track has a more futuristic feel while still instilling that unique peak hypnotism. Praxis”

C Rock (Stir 15): “one of my favourite HG releases so far! ”

Karotte (Cocoon): “yes. beide nummern sind sowas von geil auf ner diggen anlage. i love it. eine nummer für die nacht, die andere für die morgenstunden:-)”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “good groovy tracks on both sides Will definitely fit great in the set ”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “zwei der besten produzenten dieses jahr. überhaupt gab es 2007 keinen einzigen schlechten release bei highgrade. ganz im gegenteil, alle waren knaller. der hier macht da keine ausnahme. ich spiele die B-seite, weil ich sehr gut finde, wie der track sich aufbaut.”

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