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“Lunar / Jupiter”

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Len’s Figure outlet welcomes a very special duo to its roster: Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search. Both artists are among the few internationally acclaimed techno artists from the Netherlands. The two musicians share a similarly long and passionate history with club music: Their DJ activity and production work reaches back into the early nineties. Dimi and Jerooen teamed up in 2003 and after producing two records for Steve Rachmads Ion-Label, they did a outstanding release on Jeff Mills 6277/Mission Imprint as “Counterpart”. Since 2007, they also performs live. For their Figure release, they use there original names again. In its serene and easefull manner, “The New Frontier” melds the firmness and determination of old school techno with a contemporary subtlety. It is amazing how few elements Jereon Search and Dimi Angélis need to create a dense and compelling athmosphere. “Lunar” is the kind of track that slips perfectly in a wide range of club sets. While it offers the DJ a vast span of possible connections to other music, its hypnotic melody does not leave your head for hours. “Jupiter” is bolder, it is centered around a demanding groove. While the melodies operate in the background of the track, the complex net of rhythmic patterns shifts indistinguishably. It is the type of music which holds you in a tight grip - and you are not even able to tell what exactly is so striking about it. Its implicitness makes “The new frontier” such a special record. It belongs to the rare breed of music which does not demand to go into your box - and this is exactly why it is made to stay there for quite some time.

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