“Boutade, Miseridub”

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Additional production and remix by naughty, sasse & ewan at fse towers, berlin. so at last it’s time for misericord number two and a track we’re really proud and excited to be releasing. hot on the heels of al usher’s mighty “gnanfou ep", mugwump deliver their finest work to date. a 107bpm club monster (for us balearic grandads this is not a contradiction in terms) entitled “boutade". it may be slower than the current average but it’s been one of the biggest tracks in my sets over the past few months, and similarly for the handful of djs lucky enough to have a copy (ivan smagghe, ata, pete herbert, dixon). an extended intro with marcato strings and timpani builds the drama until a massive bassline drops and the dancefloor gets stupid. on the flip myself, naughty and sasse turn in a chugging Prescription-esque dub for good measure. at the risk of sounding over the top, it’s a record that astonishes and rewards every time you’ve the guts / sense to change the pace a bit and one i know i’ll still be playing this time next year. slowly, surely… ewan pearson, shropshire, december 27 2007 misericord is an occasional label from ewan pearson, sasse lindblad and friends.

MIS-002 in the media

Dixon (Innervisions): “ "love this track"”

Gilb'r (Versatile): “ "really really good. will play it for sure!"”

Keith Optimo: “ " "awesome" is one of the most over / mis used words of our age, but this really is awesome."”

Pete Herbert: “"love them both. 'Tis a monster indeed..."”

Prince Language: “"they are both really gorgeous. Especially loving the dub. Played them out NYE and they sound amazing." ”

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