Mathew Jonson

“Symphony For The Apocalypse”

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Another new year heralds another dimension to the output of Wagon Repair label head and criminally talented producer Mathew Jonson, as ‘Symphony For The Apocalypse’ looks to the ultimate end at the beginning of 2008. Just as the ‘Stop EP’ in 2007 introduced an introspective and personal contrast to his role as one third of the extroverted Cobblestone Jazz, this single further explores some of the darker edge noticeable in Cobblestone’s acclaimed debut album ‘23 Seconds. Opener ‘Twin Cobras’ is a deep and technical dissection of techno and dub, with some stark industrial influences reminiscent of Skinny Puppy and the colder Warp output. Complex tinny percussion is smoothed by a lulled synth melody and livened up with buzzing sine tones to the distant sound of pad explosions. Hypnotically it subtly snakes and scales to a rapturous peak before unleashing it’s bite. On the flip side, title track ‘Symphony For The Apocalypse’ opens with a lone affected horn melody and sparse pads that lead into a creeping cyclical passage. Metallic percussion rides high in the mix, eclipsed by a cold and needling static synth that leads a cataclysmic climax.

WAG034 in the media

2000 and One: “wow mathew has the skils for the soundtrack of the end of the world. masterpiece!!!”

karotte: “der herr jonson wieder mit einem großartigen vinyl am start. zur richtigen zeit im richtigen club eine tolle waffe auf der b-seite. in meinen februar charts.”

Adultnapper (Audiomatique): “Nice to hear something new by Matthew. Wicked tunes. totally unique with his signature dark sound. big. please vinyl??”

Alex Attias(Colour3): “ what can I say? well I am a big fan of Matthew sound and this shows again that electronic music has many facets and rhythms and Mat dare experimenting. feeling those two experimental bullets and will def play on my radioshow. ”

Alexkid: “ This is insane as usual... Twin Cobras is amazing. Not floor friendly at all but I just love it. When I'll grow up , I want to be like Mathew Jonson! ;-) and symphonyforthe... is just beautiful....”

Ali Wells: “ Both tracks are amazingly well produced and innovative, but not something I would play out in my sets. I\'ll use Symphony on my next radio mix though.”

Benno Blome: “ fantastic deep track!”

Benoit Carretier Tsugi Mag Fr: “weird but good. can't wait for the album !”

Dan Curtin: “Symphony For The Apocalypse an intense epic journey, and those horns… Twin Cobras, crazy drum programming, --wicked! Full Support! ”

DJ Gio MC-505: “More than a simply producer, the man from Vancouver is a visionary music maker with no limits in his creativity. Everytime his releases are big surprises. And it's not exception: on one side we can listen industrial influences of Skinny Puppy, on the other side instead metallic melodies. Both tracks are fit for my ears. Respect mister Jonson!”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “Dark menacing shit from Mathew. have to say the talent as ever is evident but prefer when he makes his deeper Techno / House. ”

Gregor Tresher: “ amazing music as always from mister jonson, will play out on heavy rotation and chart "symphony for the apocalypse" in february”

Italoboyz (Get Physical - Moth: “the title couldn't suit any better... it's pretty deviant, insane, obscure, evil...I like it!..and I'm talking about new age revolution”

Ja=mes Flavour (Dirt Crew): “BC in da house. A real M. J. record. Outstanding and futuristic! The B side is my fave.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “More sonic experimentalism from Matthew and the quality never dips. This is too out there for me to play in my sets but it's hats off to the man for consistently releasing groundbreaking and challenging tracks for the clubs as well as home listening. ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “fucking Stunnnning This is awsome ”

Luca Bacchetti: “the darkest side of Mat! they drive me into another dimension!! I love them!”

Monika Kruse: “DJ thank you mathew for another great track”


Nori Kawai (posivision): “ genius works!! symphony for the apocolypse is nice oriental taste,very nice deep world!! 07 Twin Cobras be associated with the darkest periods”

Philip Sherburne(WIRE/etc): “ \"Symphony:\" I love how it opens, all dark and swirly and spooky, and the live-played synth lead is great. Wonderful sense of suspense. It loses a bit of focus for me as the lead picks up steam and gets freaky with the filters, but maybe it\'ll grow on me.”

Resident Advisor NET: “ It’ll probably be a long time before the clear theme of 2008 emerges, if one does. For the moment, the only broad trend seems to be a continuation in interest of old school sounds made new. In one small microcosm of the dance universe, though, many artists seem to be of the same mind: an awful lot of techno/dubstep fusion records these days seem to focus on the end of days. For example, Shackleton has just released ‘Death Is Not Final’ and Peverelist ‘Infinity Is Now’. On this 12-inch, Mathew Jonson weighs in with one of the first tracks that tries seriously to bridge the gap between dubstep and techno, except from the other direction: Twin Cobras is a techno track that incorporates aspects of dubstep, rather than the other way around. (Dub/Deep techno doesn’t count, of course, being techno made in a dubby rather than specifically dubstep fashion.) As such, it’s the more unusual of the two sides here, leaving out the kick drum in favour of a dubstep style broken beat that wraps itself around two rival basslines. It’s ten minutes long, using only the slightest trace of melody as a counterpoint to the sinewy unfurling of percussion and bass. Unfortunately, the technical virtuosity here isn’t put to very good use—that aforementioned melody is a tad uninteresting and the track lacks structure. As a listener, you’re hard pressed to predict just how far from the end you are at any given point, and there isn’t enough tension to make the long listening time feel justified. On the flip, Jonson is more on home turf, and more fully in command. 'Symphony for the Apocalypse' uses a more conventional structure, introducing itself with a mournful, vaguely subcontinental sounding horn which builds slowly to a back-loaded climax of squealing synths that is all intensity. In short, this tune pretty much does what it says on the tin, which is not a paltry accomplishment for something labeled “Symphony For The Apocalypse”. ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “ \"symphony for the apocalypse\" is great. support.”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “nice one!”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “"Symphony..." is absolutely outstanding. Love the first 4 minutes and the whole way it's built. I wish there was more music like this. ”

Thomas Turbo: “ Absolutely beautiful track!! 10 on 10. Gorgeous!! This one crystallizes everything I loved about Zombie Bikers and I think it's my favorite MJ track ever. Straight to my deeper sets, straight to my podcast, straight to my brain... this one is a major winner. Love and respect to the whole Wagon Repair crew.”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “those two tracks are a monument, wow! not easy to play because of really hectic beats and full sound. all the frequencies are used. but on the other hand very good that it is like that, cause there are too many boring records out and this record is the opposite. great music and great sound! thanx, t ”

Tom Taylor (Electric Press): “symphony for the apocalypse is a monster...features on my latest mix. really like the long deep build in this with the eerie synths and melodies dropping into the filth later on ”

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