“Nomads, M.tanzmann Remix”

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Fresh from the buzz surrounding his stunning DJ mix featured on our new label compilation, ‚Dead Man‘s Hand‘, Berlin‘s master of tech-funk Clé notches up another fantastic solo EP on Poker Flat. Analogue synths and punchy beats merge with warm piano stabs and cutting-edge electronic trickery, ensuring the lead track, ‚Nomads,‘ carries Clé‘s instantly recognisable sound. A raw, urgent bassline announces itself bravely in the opening bars before allowing the ever-so-slightly-tongue-in-cheek Eastern flavoured hook to prevail. Already another Poker Flat future classic, its sharp percussion and plethora of spacey FX make this a great party record, a versatile DJ tool and indeed a strong piece of music in its own right. Perhaps as an ode to those deeper, darker moments during a real dancefloor journey, ‚Water‘ brings with it a calmer, more retrospective arrangement, whilst keeping things gently simmering! Once again Clé‘s unique melting pot of sounds are on show, and intricate percussive fills make this a joy to mix with! The Moon Harbour records boss Matthias Tanzman is deservedly receiving a lot of attention at the moment for his special brand of tripped- out peak time productions. Its quite fitting then that he delivers a teasing remix here aimed straight at the dancefloor! The track heads off into space in typical bass heavy Tanzman style, but with the introduction of Clé‘s crazy eastern synth hook you know something stellar is about to take place… Guaranteed bomb! )

PFR94 in the media

C-Rock (Stir 15): “"sehr feiner Release vom Clemann. Detroit, the Prince of Techno lässt grüßen ;) Bussie, C++" ” : “"Mitad de Märtini Brös y de los simpares Artist Unknown, Clé da rienda suelta a su pasión por el house en solitario. Así lo ha hecho en sus últimas referencias para Dessous y en un cd mix para el recopilatorio “Dead Man's Hand” que recientemente editó el sello que ahora publica este ep, Poker Flat. La disquera de Steve Bug deja el protagonismo en manos del berlinés en este “Nomads”, un corte estilo cien por cien Poker Flat. House digital con sus pads bien puestos y una melodía deep sazonada por ruiditos “arábigos” que le dan un toque más que personal al corte original. “Water”, segundo corte entregado por Clé, nos remite a un deep house más tranquilo con una línea de bajo un tanto oscuro muy en la onda de los discos más clásicos del label de Hamburgo. La melodía enfatiza su importancia y la percusión cobra viveza para dar protagonismo a un corte que crece poco a poco con cada nueva escucha. Matthias Tanzmann, uña y carne de Bug y los suyos, y que ahora mismo se halla inmerso en la gira de presentación de su último lp, se descuelga con un pedazo de remezcla de “Nomads” que si bien no respeta en exceso el corte primario sí nos entrega un track lleno de fuerza e intensidad con un cariz muy deep y percutivo. Un alarde de imaginación que nos devuelve al Tanzmann “pre-Rugby”, al más “housy” y creativo. Bien por él, y bien por Poker Flat. Puntuación: 8/10" ”

D'Julz (Pokerflat): “ "amazing tanzman remix , played and charted" ”

Debug (GER): “Clé, nach der Platte mit Steve Bug aus dem letzten Jahr, jetzt also auch solo auf Pokerflat. ”Nomads“ und ”Waters“ sind an sich zwei ziemlich elegant dahin hüpfende, simpel gestrickte Housetracks, wenn da nicht diese bedrohlich wirkenden Synths wären, die das Ganze in ein unerwartet düsteres Territorium schicken, aber sich sicherlich prima in den späteren Stunden der Nacht machen. Auf der B-Seite verbirgt sich noch ein Matthias Tanzmann Remix von ”Nomads“, der wieder ordentlich die Percussion ein- und auslaufen lässt, den Track immer wieder aufbaut und hochschraubt, ohne dabei die etwas düstere Grundstimmung zu verändern. Solide Platte. eikman••••”

DJ F.E.X.: “"play and support it" ”

Jeff Samuel : “"the tanzmann mix should be a good crazy primetime cut for me. nice stuff." ”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “"Like both the Nomads original and Tanzmann's rocking rmx. Good package! Thanks- W" ”

Jussi-Pekka: “the matthias tanzman remix is da shit! Really reminds me of the good ol' studio1 -series on profan. gotta love that! :) ”

Justin Drake / Peace Division: “10/10 pts.! ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “Great funkyness by Matthias Tanzmann. 8/10 points. ”

Mike Monday (Playtime): “ "wow! the matthias tanzmann remix of this is one of the biggest tunes in my box at the moment. awesome."”

Only For Dj's Mag (F): “C'est le remix de Matthias Tanzmann qui vaut le détour. L'allemand (qui sort son album le mois prochain) lâche un kick ultra deep (125), avant d'affoler les dancefloors avec des synthés envahissants qui font hurler de bonheur. Pure minimale ! (LU)”

SeeBase: “will be played properly, awsome! ”

Slam(Soma): “"Nice release .I like all 3 mixes .The Mathias Tansmann mixwill work best at peak time . " ”

Smag Mag (GER): “Clé wird immer besser. Deeper, langsam schiebender Track, der den Orient geschnuppert hat. Tanzmann schickt in seinem Killer-Remix die Nomaden in die Hölle. ”

St. Sebastian: “"Where to begin? This is how I remember pokerflat The sexy bass on both tracks are super cool and the Tanzmann remix is freaking wicked Played them all at the weekend went down a treat Thanx 9/10 nar 10/10" ”

Steve Lawler: “Love both the original and the Tanzman mix, Original just tops it for me with its pure bliss deep house approach.. ”

stuart mcmillan (slam, soma): “ "mathias tanzmann mix is one of the biggest records in my set at the moment!"”

Tiefschwarz (souvenir): “great record - amazing rmx! matthias tanzmann mix is ne bombe ;-) ”

Tobi Neumann: “ Der Tanzmann Remix ist sehr fett und die beiden Originale toll! I love this record!!!! 10/10 points! ”

Will Saul (Simple): “"The originals from Cle were a little too stripped back for me but I really like the Tanzman mix - great groove. Have been playing this." ”

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