The Mole

“Baby Youre The One”

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Montreal’s The Mole returns to his spiritual home of Wagon Repair for the first time since 2006’s ‘In My Song’. ‘You’re the One’ is the first single taken from his forthcoming album ‘As High As The Sky’ which will be released on Wagon Repair in May. Renowned as the programmer behind the ‘Modern Deep Left Quartet’, a collaboration with all three members of Cobblestone Jazz, 2007 saw The Mole release a series of remixes on ~scape as well as a single on Canadian imprint Musique Risquee. He’s also regularly to be found cutting up the finest dance floors across Europe, the US and Canada. A side ‘Baby You’re the One’ is fast out of the blocks with racing percussion and a plunging bass loop. A piercing metallic tone encircles a distorted vocal sample as subtle melodies rise to the surface of the mix, steadily intensifying to climax. On the flip side, ‘Crackbeat’ is a darker animal. Kindling wild percussion carries an eerily distant key melody that supports a rich synth siren. Teeming with activity, the synth melody is trailed by bubbling bass tones as a feral percussive drive chases to close.

WAG035 in the media

2000 and One: “Dammn that is funky!!! wicked filtered house music like only the mole can do it. gr, 2000 and One”

Jamie Jones (Crosstownrebels: “Really into the Moles productions. The A side here is for me. Will be playing for sure. cheers.”

Debug (GER): “Sehr dichter perkussiver Detroithousetrack mit leicht verwaschenen Discosamples, und einem angerotzt zerrigen Bass, langsam hereingeschliffenen Sequenzen und etwas mehr Italohintergründen auf der Rückseite. Eine Platte, die nur von ihren Modulationen und der Erinnerung an eine andere Zeit lebt. bleed••••”

DJ Gio MC-505: “'Groove' is the password of access for this new Wagon Repair. My favourite is "Baby You're The One": it remind me very well the old groovin' techno with funk elements (Carola, Parisio, Squillace, Vigorito). Hot hot hot!”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “super funky tracks ,will play”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “"Baby Youre The One" is doooooope! Love it, raw, loopy, tracky disco influenced House music. In the box!”

Italoboyz (Get Physical - Moth: “baby youre the one = house = I like it!”

Ja=mes Flavour (Dirt Crew): “the a side has this old school feeling i like. both tracks are very good!”

Jimpster (Freerange): “This is mental but i like it! Proper old school filtered up house that really gets a groove going and sticks with it. quality stuff. ”

Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings): “A nice one for the festivals and bigger rooms. Energy builds nicely! So, Baby you're the one is the one for me!”

Karotte (Cocoon): “für mich eine der platten des monats. baby diese platte ist die eine. tolle sexy housevibes. die leute sind am wochenende komplett durchgedreht. i love it.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “yess Yesss YYEESSSSS another brilliant release on Wagon repair Will play of course ”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon: “"Baby your the one" is a pure floor blazer . Can't tell you how many times I had someone run up and ask what this track was. The Mole continues to Raise the Roof! What!? What!? ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “another huge track by the mole. baby you're the one for me !”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “cool! fits to all my trippy oldschool house tunes i am playing at the moment. something for sunday! nice and strong driving house..”

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