“Dor Mit Oru”

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With Dor Mit Oru, Rhadoo follows through on that promise, throwing the doors wide open with the sly fury of a benevolent Pandora. The double EP is nothing if not ambitious, featuring four long, evolving tracks that forego gimmicks in favor of a deeper kind of engagement. What upon first listen sounds minimal, thanks to a familiar palette of treated percussion, slight harmonic squiggles, and not much else, reveals itself to be far denser, deeper, and more nuanced. Unusually hypnotic, Rhadoo’s tracks blindfold the listener, spinning you round like a dervish, until dizziness dissolves into pure weightlessness. What makes Rhadoo’s grooves so different? It’s impossible to put your finger on, but it has something to do with his curious sense of timekeeping. His beats flex with the twitchy fallibility of human muscles. His melodic phrases stretch far beyond the familiar confines of the four-bar loop, unfurling to fill space in a way seemingly without measure. Insistent, almost tribal patterns are atomized into boundless orbits. It also has something to do with Rhadoo’s approach to sound, fusing the reassuring warmth of acoustic percussion with the shimmering timbres of the digital imagination, as though threading catgut and horsehair with pixel pearls. For all its underlying complexity, Rhadoo’s music is unusually immediate: these are songs for the dance, after all, as welcoming as a familiar face behind the decks. Welcome to Rhadoo’s world.

CADENZA22:25 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “wicked stuff, so jazzy vibe and a phat groove. i played al the trax:) gr, dylan”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “B2 is stunning. Really original sounding groove. Love how moody this one is. perfect afterhours material. nice!”

DJ Gio MC-505: “Typical package for Luciano's label: 4 tracks on 2 vinyls. Deep-micro-minimal-techno: this is the way follow by the artist. I will use the track on A for start my programme.”

Dj Koze (International Pony): “Gute Scheibe. werd was spielen davon”

Dj T Get Physical: “"Bau" is in my case!”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “More journeys into percussive realms from Cadenza. Really diggin "Bau" with its warm, hypnotic and rollin feel. ”

Groove Mag (GER): “Nach Petre Inspirescu setzt mit Rhadoo ein zweiter Rumäne seine Marke bei Cadenza Records. Mit „Dor Mit Oru“ zeigt dieser auf einer Doppel-12-Inch vier seiner Tracks. Schnell wird klar, dass Rhadoo verglichen mit den A:rpia:r-Labelkollegen Inspirescu und Raresh die nach wie vor wesentlich minimalere Linie verfolgt. Beeindruckend bleibt die präzise Produktion, punktiert mit gezielter Perkussion und der strikten Deepness der Tracks. Allerdings raubt die enorme Länge jedes einzelnen Tracks das Potenzial, verliert sich der Groove nur allzu oft in den Endlosrillen und verleiht der Musik so einen Hauch der Beliebigkeit. RV”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels_: “I like the A side here... very good percussion and underlying groove. Will be playing. cheers.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “ganz gute tracks von rhadoo, wobei für mich leider nur einer zum spielen wirklich in frage kommt. musikalisch aber trotzdem ganz weit vorn. gute platte.”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon: “What a killer double EP! I'm some really great tracks! Perfect for the long throw mixes. Rhadoo really has a knack for arranging a dj friendly mix. Keep'em coming! ”

Raresh: “smooth and super nice sounds every track is a winner in any situation thank you rhadoo ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “great release! my favourites are a1 & b2”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Love "Slagare"!”

TSUGI MAG (F): “Face A: un titre sur lequel Reboot exprime sa joie de vivre à travers l’idéal constructiviste soviétique. Face B: le cerveau atrophié par les drogues, Reboot tente une percée sur le dancefloor. (GD)”

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