Ryo Murakami

“Down The Sky, Argy Remix”

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Tokyo‘s rising star Ryo Murakami has already put his diverse, electronic sound on the map with the ‚Rise‘ EP on Dessous last year, and received great praise for his track ‚My Soul‘, snapped up by Steve Bug for the Fabric mix series, which was piled high with atmosphere and dark, club energy. His next 12“ includes two new tracks, the title cut being ‚Down The Sky‘, cooly influenced by old school house, but also more recent European forays into night music. Ryo demonstrates a heavy aptitude for stripped down futurism, with staccato, jilted beats, joined by layers of padded synth structures, looming somewhere between light and darkness. The merits of carefully weighing out your ingredients, leaving just the right level of detail; not too little, not too much, have clearly been explored by Ryo here. More to the point though, it’s a track that could string out time and create so much room to groove! Poker Flat‘s young Greek maestro, Argy, creates a stunning hi-tech remix of ‚Down The Sky,‘ complete with mesmeric dub influenced chord stabs and tripped out washes of delay. Once again carrying on the vibe of the original, but twisting it into an altogether different beast, Argy takes Ryo‘s warm synth stabs and shapes the remix into a slow paced yet pumping club tool. Deceivingly constant, it simply builds and builds, making a time stopping, truly hypnotic moment for the dancefloor and for the mind. The B side, ‚Coke‘ (no questions asked) welcomes another one of Ryo‘s extended journeys, this time a stronger, peak time groove which never lets off, and builds around layers of spaced out, pitching fx. Brain-tingling pitching synths heat things up, before laying down a super-funk hook that melts on top of the beats irresistibly. Ryo then leads us head-first into a series of spaced out, jacked-up movements, characterised by risqué, feminine vocal snippets. Wild Pitch rejuvenated!

PFR95 in the media

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Argy mix is a major bomb. will play to death. one of my favorite poker flat's in a while. please send!!”

culturanocturna.com: “Tras debutar en Dessous hace poco más de un añito, este joven productor japonés se ha ganado por méritos propios entrar en el catálogo del sello principal del emporio Bug: Poker Flat.Y es que el bueno de Steve, desde que descubriese entre su correo una de las demos del nipón, no ha parado de pincharle en todos y cada uno de sus sets, sobre todo en los más “housys”. Y es que es en ese terreno, el del deep house actualizado, en el que mejor se desenvuelve el talento compositivo del asiático. “Down The Sky” es una nueva prueba de su talento. Ryo se nos muestra cercano a la vieja escuela, esa de la que tantas veces ha bebido el catálogo de Hamburgo, con esas melodías oscuras e inquietantes que le apartan del registro más luminoso de su hermana pequeña Dessous, con quienes comparte regularmente nombres e intenciones. Estructuramente perfecto, con ese sonido de sinte tan característico en Poker Flat, el groove y la hipnosis colectiva a la que nos lleva este “Down The Sky” apenas puede ser comparada con el talento de Argy. El griego retorna de su éxodo por Cocoon y adyacentes con la receta del éxito bajo el brazo y un déje “dubby” que infecta esta eficaz remezcla hasta obtener un resultado capaz de convencer a la pista y a los más exigentes con el sonido clásico de Poker Flat. Murakami y Argy, un cóctel que se sirve frío. ”

Dave DK: “Mr Murakami did it nice again! My favourite though is the Argy Remix, great uplifting hihats on a minimal groove, fits totally in my set! Will also check “Coke”. ”

IDJ Mag (UK): “Tokyo homeboy Murakami makes his debut for the Poker Flat camp with two cuts of straight but shuffling minimal house, both very much in keeping with the label’s DJ-friendly style. Those after something a bit meatier should check Argy’s mix, which fattens out the groove, and makes the most of a punchy, rolling dub stab.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “der b seiten track find ich gut. wird gerne früh morgens eingesetzt:-)”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “A1 is brilliant but you know that already Will play it everywhere”

tsugi mag (F): “Face A : “Argy remix + original”. Argy livre ici un sublime mix dub house, sorte de croisement entre Chain Reaction et Âme, fabuleux! L’original est plus posé. Face B : “Coke”. Davantage dans l’esprit Poker Flat, un track minimale house classique, ce qui n’enlève rien à sa qualité. (J)”

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