Steve Bug, Vincenzo, Superlova

“Rhodes Flash, My Vibrations”

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In 1995 Steve Bug had a passion for a sound that simply wasn‘t being represented elsewhere in Electronic music at the time. As a reaction, he launched the infamous ‚Raw Elements‘ label which today stands on a pedestal amongst some of the most revered labels in House Music history. This defiant sound, stripped of all un-necessaries, had the power and foresight to influence far further than Bug had ever expected… And now we‘ve gone full circle, with the re-release of several classics from the Raw Elements back-catalogue. A digital-only compilation made up of 15 carefully chosen visions will accompany two very special vinyl releases, as we proudly introduce, ‚Raw Essentials‘! Who better to open the party but Steve Bug himself, with the robotic swagger of ‚Rhodes Flash‘ which bravely and irresistibly combines a driving, sci-fi warehouse groove with soft mellowed out Rhodes keyboard chords. Delightfully stripped, yet loaded with subtly introduced layers, this genre-slicer has the effect not only of rhythmically hypnotising the listener, but of introducing them into the Raw Elements sound quite perfectly. Given that Raw Elements had such an edge back then, it’s pleasing to know that it laid down the foundations for some artists who would go on to be mainstays in the scene today. Originally included on his ‚Summer Elements‘ EP, Vincenzo‘s ‚Vibrations‘ smoothes things out nicely, with it‘s lazy rolling-swing and undeniable summer-time positivity. This is a magical journey of a track, unashamedly influenced by New York House and jazz formations, but comes across ever-so relevant today, particularly during the tingling breakdown, where Vincenzo strips the track down to its bare essentials and then gloriously re-introduces the kick. Watch out for this one in the late mornings…! It‘s also with a certain sense of pride that we remind you that this track was part of his first ever solo EP, released on Raw Elements in 1997! ‚Essentials‘ Part 1 is concluded with the fittingly n

627-6-1 in the media

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Really love B1. Classic tune.”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “ What a great idea to re-release these. Sounding so fresh. "Rhodes Flash" is majestic, powerful, yet deep at the same time. "All Night" is my fave though with its heads down, deep groovy vibe. ”

Groove Mag (GER): “Wie kaum jemand zuvor hat Steve Bug den staubtrockenen Housebeat definiert, der in seiner Reduziertheit die funktionale Komponente für den Minimal-Tanzflur vorwegnahm, und auch den referenziellen Rahmen für das Erstarken des Deephouse geebnet hat. Zeit, seine frühen Raw-Elements-Platten noch mal Revue passieren zu lassen. Zwei EPs, auch als digitales Download, zum Huldigen. Labelmate Vincenzo hatte jenseits von Dessous auch damals schon andere Hobbys und ist auf beiden Releases vertreten. Gewohnt gut. Außerdem: Bugs genial stampfender Springball „Rhodes Flash“ und „All Night“ als Superlova. Die Katalognummer 02 wird durch die Remixe von Les Rythmes Digitales und Russ Gabriel dominiert. Beide nicht typisch für deren spätere Vorlieben. Stuart Price war selten besser. Funktion und Form vor übertriebener Hittigkeit, das danken die Tänzer auch hierzulande. Welz”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “ich habe die original vinyls noch zuhause. sind immer noch gute nummern. kann man wieder spielen.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “deep DEEP DDEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “tolle Kollektion der alten Klassiker von Steve's Raw Element Zeit, der Zeit wo Minimal House noch kein überstrapaziertes Schlagwort, noch kein Hype war, wir alle aber diese Musik schon gespielt haben..”

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