“Sweet & Sour, Guillaume & C. Dumonts Rmx”

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LabelCircus CompanyCat. No.CCS028
FormatEXCL12"GOrders fromFri, 11 Apr 2008
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After 8 years of running Circus Company behind the curtain, Sety is finally releasing Sweet & Sour, his first EP. The beautiful 4-tracker includes a remix from Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, who also released a successful EP on Circus in 2007. The A-side opens with “Mogane", a deep and intense house track with a strong cinematic vibe in the beginning, that builds into intergalactic territory with a pulsing groove, soaring strings, and huge drums. Take a ride and travel the spaceways! Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts’ remix follows, with an extra funky bassline, a jacking start-stop groove, and some chopped-up gospel sample additions. ‘All in this feelin!’ The B of the B-side stands for Brazil, as Sety takes us to South America via “Fogo Puro". Fresh percussion, vocal accents, and a low-end piano loop lead us into a warm, late-night break where a mysterious female singer eases the tension with her seductive Brazilian voice. A todo vapor! B2 closes the EP with a bonus beat of “Fogo Puro", stripping it down to just the vocal percussion and the basic groove, without the break. Perfect for mixing at anytime.

CCS028 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “orginal mix is the bomb!!! organic stuff the way i like it:)) thanx gr, dylan”

2000 and one (Intacto): “groovin tribal tech tune. i play both original and remix. nice job!! thanx gr, dylan ”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “All solid house cuts. nice production and groove. will definitely find its way into a set. thanks!!”

AKUFEN (Musique Risquée): “ great record buddy! i must say that Mogane is really strong. i love it ! guillaume & the coutu dumonts remix is perfect for light up little mornings. i also like both Fogo Puro mixes which are quite fun. sincerly nice EP. i'll play it for sure. ”

D'JULZ (Ovum): “ will play mogane original and guillaume & the coutu dumonts remix.”

DANIEL BELL (7th City): “ really like the new record especialy "Mogane original mix" and "Mogane Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts remix". good luck with it. nice to hear sety doing music!”

De:Bug (GER): “Auf der A-Seite geht es mit "Mogane" sehr deep los und packt einen mit sanften Glöckchensounds zu einem fundamentalen Housegroove, der einfach zeitlos auf eine so magische Melodie zustrebt, dass man sich am liebsten reinlegen möchte. Der Remix von Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont schafft es trotz eher hitzigem Afrogroove die Grundstimmung des Tracks zu bewahren, und das ist schon eine Leistung. Und dann kommt noch die Rückseite mit dem brasilianischen (?) Vocal und zeigt einem, dass man Sety (der übrigens das Label macht) definitiv zu den großen House-Abenteurern unserer Zeit zählen sollte. bleed”

De:Bug (GER): “Ziemlich relaxt und mit smoothen Dubs kickt sich die A-Seite langsam zu einem breiten, melodiösen Höhepunkt im Break, der den Dancefloor ganz unten wieder abholt und mit leicht psychedelischer Note verwirrt. Die Rückseite hat mit "Wanted" erst mal dann noch einen sehr skurrilen, detroitigen Schmachtfetzen von Track, dessen Melodie einen nicht mehr loslässt, auch wenn sie ein wenig trancig wirkt und rockt dann noch mit dem verqueren Slammer "Suzuki Rider" auf so vershuffelte Weise perkussiv, dass man einfach weiss, dass Tigerskin irgendwie nur noch Hits produzieren kann und das alles auch noch wie von selbst geht. (...) bleed”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “excelent ep i played all tracks, charted”

Groove Mag (GER): “Die erste Veröffentlichung von Sety, dem Mann hinter Circus Company, hat lange auf sich warten lassen, doch mit diesem Release wird man für die lange Wartezeit mehr als entschädigt. Die beiden Tracks zeichnen eine Liebe zum Detail und eine Charakterstärke aus, die man bereits von seiner Labelarbeit kennt. Als Bonbon gibt es noch einen Remix von Guillaume, der es schafft, trotz seines immens guten Outputs dieser Tage die Latte noch etwas höher zu hängen. Perfektes Debüt und heißer Anwärter auf die vordersten Plätze in den DJ-Charts der üblichen Verdächtigen. MB”

Italoboyz (Get Physical - Moth: “very nice, i love mogane and the guillame remix is ace...”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels_: “Really like Guillaume's remix here, great percussion as usual. cheers.”

JAY HAZE (Tuningspork): “the new sety ep on circus company is one i have been waiting on, seriously for almost 6 years I've known him! its not mystery this lil mothafunker has a great ear, otherwise he wouldn't be heading the dope ass circus company label! with that being said, i really love the originals to death, nice little vocals, Brazilian sex style beats, mommies gonna be shaking they bon bons to this one for sure! not soo much into the remix, but it is just a tool in the end, sety is the man who steals the show here. i want more sety, and i want it now, biatches! play it and watch the hoes bounce!!!!! ”

john tejada (palette): “ really like the single. nice to hear some of sety's new tunes finally. sounds great. great combo of everything good. sounds fresh and polished. ”

JOHNNY D (Oslo): “ really nice your ep!!! Like "Fogo Puro" particularly the portugies voice in there : ) and "mogane" is great too and have not more less funkyness as the remix from Giullaume has!!!! I'm really glad at all to hold such good music in my hand. ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “alle 3 tracks sowas von klasse. tolle housenummern. von mir full support everywhere.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “Love both A1 and B1 tracks very much Will play that a lot”

LOSOUL (Playhouse): “ Rio can be on the dancefloor - Sety is bringing it directly from the Sugar Loaf Mountain.Gonna play it and can't wait for summer.”

LUCIANO (Cadenza): “ Mogane remix by Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts will be on my Fabric mix ;-) Love both mixes ”

philip sherburne: “hell yes! about time the curly headed one bestowed a proper release upon us, and it's proper indeed. i don't foresee either of these tracks leaving my bag any time soon -- they're both brilliant. and guillaume's remix is one of the tightest things i've heard out of him lately. tip, tip, and tip!”

Raresh: “a lovely record .. full support ”

Resident Advisor: “After a four year production hiatus, Sety is finally following up his contributions to the first lot of Circus Company 12-inch compilations with a surprising new direction. The grinding boompty funk of cuts like 'Vertex' is gone, paving the way for a more slinky take on modern house and techno. The EP opens with 'Mogane', a cosmically chugging deep houser that sounds like Jerome Sydenham and Hans Peter Lindstrom jamming together as the sun rises. Xylophones and muted guitar scratches build the tension before the beat finally crashes in – it’s a heavy but restrained skipping groove that's perfect for a late night wiggle. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts step up for the remix, totally gutting the original and creating a boompty bouncer that owes as much to early acid house as it does to modern techno music. A pumping Chicago bassline grooves along to deep stabbing synths and hat heavy percussion, and is sure to find favour with DJs straddling the line between deep house and more jacking fare. The ethnically inclined minimal house of 'Fogo Puro' rounds things off, coasting along on a single looped piano chord and skippy polyrhythms until the arrival of a lush female vocal halfway through. It's incredibly polished and playable, but this sort of style has been done to death over the last couple of years, and 'Fogo Puro' does little to add to the now worn formula. A lot more fun is to be had with the accompanying 'Bonus Beat', stripping things back to little more than a cheekily ascending bassline, warm chords, and a beat. Overall, it's a pretty slick return to production duties, but it's all about the A-side for me. ”

SAMIM (GetPhisycal): “if enjoyed this ep from start to finish! Hearing deep space funk like this makes me want to dance instantly! From the great bonus beats, all the way to the bumping Mogane - this release is a clear winner. ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “excellent release by one of my favourite labels at the moment. "mogane" (original & remix) charted no#2 ”

SKAT (Karat): “ So, Sety's back to production Damn ...this one is huge Really good work from the head of circus company. the production is really fine and precised,the remix from one of my favorite producer Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont is excellent. I ll chart and play Mogane + remix. Fogo puro, should be a smash hit. Keep up the good work duderinos !!! ”

SONJA MOONEAR (Junction SM): “great record. love the remix, beautifull energy! mogane original mix is great to, deep and ending up hands in the air. on top of it it sounds great, it's well mixed and clean. bravo sety !”

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