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Hairy Claw kicks off 2008 with new artists, a more consistent release schedule, a new A&R (alongside label man Stevie Kotey) in our man Dean Muhsin and some serious releases. First up comes from Dan Drastic. Dan is a German producer and DJ with impeccable taste. Previous output for Highgrade has been superb and he has some amazing stuff due to drop on Moon Harbour (where he takes care of promotions in fine style) so Hairy Claw have handpicked him for the first release of 2008. Deep, groovy and with just the right amount of drive, ‘Xibeca’ is a mordern house cut of the highest order. Supernature and Tsuba artists Bearweasel take the techier elements of Dan’s original and twist them into a flowing tech-house cut too - so there’s something for the heavier crowds too. There are big things afoot with Hairy Claw, we’ll keep you posted.

HAIRY10 in the media

2000 and One (100% Pure, Intac: “the stuff i like, wicked summer flow track. will spin this for sure!!! thanx. ”

Agnes (Perspectiv/Sthlm Audio): “totally up my street, moody and groovy... ”

Akufen : “Pretty good tools. I like the original better, it reminds me of old Advent dry house and heavy beat though the Bearweasel is interesting.”

Alex Attias (Planet E): “ sweet and groovy, its a nice release. I think I'll try it out but not sure when Anyway thank you for this good quality stuff.”

Alex Jones(Hypercolour/Turbo): “ both proper wicked. will both deffo get spins from me. well done mate!!!!”

Christopher Spero(Glimpse) : “Loving the Bearweasel mix nice dubby chords with some evil reverbs and a solid groove.. Thanks will play this mix for sure.. ”

Daniel Schneider(Atl Recording: “Hairy Claw is back, yeah! Great deep, soulful release by Dan Drastic. Bearweasel RMX is nice and dubby aswell, but I personally prefer Original Mix. Cheers, Daniel ”

Dave Ellesmere (Microfunk / In: “for once the original surpasses the remix .. here the original is way more funky and grooving than the rmx ...good work from mr drastic ...”

Dave Martin(Technique/Immigran: “Been playign teh Bearweasel mix for quite a while now, nice stuff indeed. The original isn't too shabby either! Good work, full support”

Dave Mothersole (8MOS Radio): “ the original is cool but it's the bearweasel mix that does it for me. good stuff - like it. ”

DJ Pierre: “HOT REMIX @ Beatwease!!”

Djinxx (Ovum) : “tracks are ok..nothing really impressive..got lots of stuff like that..best DJINXX”

Dyed Soundorom (Freak N Chic) : “love the remix!”

Ed Davenport(Liebe*Detail) : “both are nicely produced and useful tracks, think i just about prefer the more stripped groove of the original here, but its a good release. cheers”

Federico Molinari (Oslo ): “cool tracks!”

Frank Heinrich Reboot (Cadenza: “ very nice ep - will for shure try out!!”

Grzegorz Demianczuk (3 Channel: “ Rebels orginal is super coool nice deep groove i will play it!!!”

Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba/Issst!): “dan drastic mix is ace ace ace. it has the wiggle..good work!”

KIKI (bpitch control): “the bearweasel mix is great!”

Layo Paskin (Layo & Bushwacker: “nice deep tracks”

Lee Van Dowski: “nice deep vibes.”

Martin Landsky (Poker Flat): “ i like the original...congrats to an old friend for the brilliant release...”

Martin Landsky(Pokerflat) : “i like the original...congrats to an old friend for the brilliant release...”

Nick Curly (Cecille/8bit/Plast: “bearweasel rmx..full support. love it!!!”

Philip Sherburne (Earplug/WIRE: “About time, a track named after my habitual brand of beer! Great stuff, too -- skillful drum programming, a nice balance between what sounds like samples & drum machines, and a satisfyingly deep bounce without trying too hard to be "deep." Bearweasel bring their patented brand of percussive intensity with some SERIOUS sub-bass pressure, but keep the overall form dreamy. Feeling it!!”

Ray Okpar (Oslo): “bearweasel rmx!!! nice atmospheric deep sounds... perfekt for the sun...”

Sasse ( Moodmusic): “quality as allways, both sides rock my floors. thanks alot !”

Sebastian Roya (Conaisseur / S: “ eiii Great Work!! I will use the 2 courts this week! Buen Trabajo!”

Simon Flower(Moon Harbour/Poke: “Loving the Dan Drastic cut. Smooth and understated.”

Stimming (Diynamic): “ hey there! I like the xibeca original! very catchy groove! ”

Thorsten Hohendorf(8-Bit, Puzz: “ I like alot! Realy cosy grooves! For sure I will play both versions. Thanks”

Tim Paris(Marketing/Crack & Sp: “I'm in love with the Bearweasel mix here. I have been hammering and charting here. Great work !”

yannick / trickski (sonar koll: “dig both these mixes... nice sheeat!”

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