Move D & Benjamin Brunn

“Songs From The Beehive”

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LabelSmallvilleCat. No.SMALLVILLECD01
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A new star shines bright over the universe of electronic music. David Moufang aka Move D and Benjamin Brunn createt a new album and “Songs From The Beehive” is more than just another chapter in deepness and soul, it is an overwhelming experience, flowing deeply and growing to the top. With their releases on labels such as Warp, Modern Love, Uzuri, Liebe*Detail, Compost, Bine, Ware and Source they create a unique sound. Fans like Riccardo Villalobos, Jus-Ed, Efdemin, Dj Koze, Jackmate and Smallville Labelchefs Julius Steinhoff & Lawrence appreciate and celebrate the Benjamin Brunn & Move D state of the art since ages. Ambientish clusters, warmest grooves, and a mentally deep sound melt together and open a gate to another world of deepness. Besides a wide range of references - deep detroit house, dub, classical minimal music and even jazz and disco- “Songs From The Beehive” is just the essence of the world of Benjamin Brunn and Move D themselves. Their unconventional way of production might be the main ingredient of pieces like this. Working out a track could start with a loop of Brunn’s Nord Modular or a Moog bassline from David Moufang. Based on a sweet scape or just a clear sample the trip starts slowley and gets you into unexpected directions. It is the warmth, deepness, the fluffy grooves and the sounds that make you diving into a sea of ambience and rythm. Nobody could be better to do the artwork to such an incredible colorful album than Stefan Marx. He is not just the artist who gives covers from Playhouse, Mule and Smallville a face- he loves the music inside coming from Isolée, Sten and now he is a big fan of Move D and Benjamin Brunn, creating the most lightning cover ever. Like the musicians Stefan Marx never follows to what people expect. “I always get the feeling that I’m not fashionable at all. And that’s not the point of it anyway. All I can say about my music is this is me and hope other people share the same ideas.” David Moufang mentioned in an e

SMALLVILLECD01 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “a briliant album. deep and sensitive. very cool. thanx gr, dylan”

De:Bug (GER): “Definitiv eins der Alben des Monats. Die beiden sind ein perfektes Team. 7 Tracks, die bis zu 20 Minuten lang werden können, voller Halluzinationen an Zeiten in denen man den Unterschied zwischen Musikhören und dazu tanzen noch gar nicht kennen musste, um sich so tief in elektronische Musik reinzulegen, dass man sie für eine andere Realität halten konnte. Vielleicht sind das Jams, vielleicht halluzinieren die beiden die Zusammenhänge der sanften Beats und Sequenzen eher, vielleicht ist ihnen das aber auch einfach zugeflogen, denn vor allem die Leichtigkeit der Stücke macht aus dem Album etwas, das man wie ein längst vergessenes Zuhause nicht nur spürt, sondern riechen kann, atmen. Eine CD in der man sich einnisten möchte. Wie das klingt? Das fragt man sich hinterher auch, währenddessen aber klingt das wie die Welt in der man immer schon leben wollte. Genau das richtige in genau dem richtigen Moment, und der ist irgendwie immer. Ich weiss, Kunststoff ist etwas überrepräsentiert, wenn man von Move D redet, aber das Album hat definitiv ein ähnliches Gefühl, nur dass alles viel viel sanfter ist. Musik die man nie wieder loswerden wird.”

DJ Gio MC-505: “Around 80 minutes of music excursions for going in new directions. Ambient techno like Pete Namlook for the album of Move D and Benjamin Brunn, to be use more for brain than legs. My favourite are "Honey" and "Mothercorn".”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “What a special body of work! These tracks have so much warmth and personality. Living, breathing and mutatating. Excellent. ”

Groove Mag (GER): “"Wie konnten wir eigentlich die ganzen Jahre, in denen Move D recht unproduktiv war, überleben? Warum hat er sich nicht früher mit Benjamin Brunn zusammengetan? Warum bringt Smallville nicht jeden Monat eine solche CD heraus? Sie ist nämlich auf jeden Fall ein Ansatz dazu, diese Welt schöner zu gestalten. Zu melodieverliebt und zu strukturiert, um unter Ambient oder Chillout zu laufen, aber zu berauschend, entspannend und entrückt, um diese Richtungen von sich zu weisen. Die Tracks, die sich selbst viel Freiraum für Spontaneität lassen, aber dabei nie zufällig wirken, geben auch uns gleichermaßen Raum und Halt, das durch die Musik erzeugte Schweben ist kein Davondriften, sondern eine durch Musik geführte Reise. Der selbstverständliche Umgang von Brunn und David Moufang alias Move D mit Musik manifestiert sich organisch, diese Erforschung des musikalischen Raums erscheint natürlich. Sie ist der Musik verpflichtet, nicht dem Fortschritt, der Entdeckung. Genau dadurch lässt sie den genauen Blick innerhalb der eigenen Grenzen zu, wo es offensichtlich genug Spannendes gibt. Faszinierend, fesselnd und nicht zuletzt einfach schön."”

IDJ Mag (UK): “It’s only been around for a year or so, but Hamburg’s Smallville has already made a mark with fans of classically-inspired European deep techno. It’s fitting, then, that they call in veteran producer Move D and his mate Benjamin Brunn for the label’s first album release. Something of an underrated player, Move D is revered by connoisseurs for his elegant brand of sophisticated ambience, and while this album occasionally utilises gentle 4-4 beats, its reach extends far beyond the restrictive realms of the dancefloor. ‘Love The One You’re With’ pops and pulls like an updated Theorem, ‘Velvet Paws’ utilises murky syncopation and sci-fi wobbles to deeply psychedelic effect, and ‘Come In’ investigates endless waves of dubbed out reverb. Best of all is album closer ‘Radar’, the kind of subdued, yearning pulser that drifts slowly in and out of focus with otherworldly subtlety. Many try, but few albums can pull off the evasive mix of quality techno and sleepy abstraction as well as this.”

philip sherburne: “an astonishing record. so, so lovely, deep and complex. so glad to see that move D is releasing new material at such a steady clip!”

Resident Advisor NET: “David Moufang’s work as Move D is geometric, drafted with neat points, long curves, and straight lines. Benjamin Brunn’s sound signature, meanwhile, is closer to fluid mechanics, or the physics of how fluid moves. Together these two approaches harmonise wonderfully, with Moufang’s structures providing solid shapes for Brunn’s melodic whirlpools and rhythmic glidings to unwind through. That is to say, D builds the beehive, Brunn makes the honey. The result of their labour is a work of buzzing sweetness, one that melds solid beats and liquid atmospheres into a musical substance that’s soothing, yielding, and almost therapeutically easy to listen to. At the same time, there’s great complexity here if you care to turn the volume dial clockwise: this is a record which opens up into a microscopic labyrinth of levels and layers full of thrumming, enthralling vibrations. The album opens with ‘Love the One You’re With’, which sounds like the sun emerging from behind spring clouds, pouring twinkling light onto rain-washed concrete. Straight away, all the elements of the album are evident: layer upon layer of cycling sounds, some soft, all polished clean and arranged in such a way that their value is equally rhythmic, timbral and melodic. Such a blend could end up being sound soup, but there’s just enough separation of the elements for motivations to remain apparent, and for the flavours to remain distinct. Not only that, but, however abstracted, this is still groove music, still house – albeit a house made for and by another species. So then (of course) there’s ‘Honey’, which is close to Isolée’s music, the Isolée of ‘Lost’. The commonality comes from the burbling gulp of the synth line, the epic length of the reverb-widened corridor it opens, and the way the whole arrangement chases itself down it. Then there’s also the visual connection, drawn (literally) by Stefan Marx, whose art has adorned other Smallville records, as well as select Playhouse and Mule releases. Back to the source of the buzz, and to its ebb and flow in particular – another hallmark here is the way Moufang and Brunn take their foot off the ‘boom-click’ pedal and allow the soundfields they make to fill with loose-moving air. A sheer joy throughout is the massive undercurrent of floating tones – ‘Radar’, the last, largest and perhaps best track on the album, is the very definition of house in zero gravity. It’s a pleasure that’s only equalled by the way the whole thing eventually evaporates underneath, slowly bringing you back (safely, comfortably) to terra firma. As a listening experience, Songs from the Beehive is captivating. As you can probably tell by now, I think the whole thing is magnificent. Incredulous readers should be mindful that I’m partial to this style, though – others might not find it so engaging. All the same, there’s something really special here, which is why Songs from the Beehive deserves an unconditional recommendation, and is my shoo-in for album of the year (so far). This is more than just entertainment, better than just well made. Good entertainment does what it should, and if it speaks, it speaks to you of other things, it reminds you of something else you enjoy. But great albums speak about themselves – they draw you in and suspend you in their own inimitable soundworld, from first note to last. Songs from the Beehive is just such an album – and it sings sweetly.”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “great album! ”

serafin (mountain people): “ "herzlichen tausend dank für die die neue move d musik & benjamin brunn musik...ich liebe die musik..bin ja fan von beiden herren..sind zwar nicht alle tracks offensichtliche clubtracks....aber ich hör den wolf im schafspelz....zum richtigen moment draufgelegt....wärme....."”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “Schöne stücke für den Club und auch für die Open Air Saison.”

tsugi mag (F): “Associés au label et magasin de disques Smallville de Hambourg, la rencontre entre la légende underground Move D et le petit nouveau Benjamin Brunn risque de graver d’indicibles émotions dans vos petits coeurs de passionnés. En effet, on n’avait pas entendu un disque aussi deep et minimal depuis les collaborations entre Swayzak, Stewart Walker, Suthek et Theorem. De longues plages qui tournent autour de quelques éléments, nappes, basses, percussions, enregistrées “à l’ancienne” de façon un peu improvisée, donnant parfois des résultats surprenants comme le funky “Love The One You’re With” ou “Radar”, une jam qui clôt l’album sur plus de vingt minutes. Move D et Benjamin Brunn nous rappellent que la musique est avant tout une histoire de feeling et n’a pas besoin d’être ultra-millimétrée pour fonctionner. Il s’agit de laisser aller les choses, capter les bons instants, et toujours faire grandir cette vibe hédoniste et désintéressée qui est à la base de tout. Cet album en est la démonstration. (Pierre-Nicolas Mader)”

Will Saul (Simple): “ I just wanted to say how truly gorgeous this LP is. Please pass on my congrats to the guy's....a stunning lp!! ”

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