“I Can´t Fight The Feeling”

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The ever-expanding roster of Wagon Repair broadens with an EP from decorated Berlin resident tobias.Involved in the business since 1980 as a sound engineer and techno producer, Tobias Freund is a founding contributor to projects like the Non Standard Institute (NSI) , Sieg Uber Die Sonne, Pink Elln and Odd Machine, releasing everywhere from Cadenza, Ostgut Ton and Logistic to the Finnish label Sähkö, amongst others. Opener and title track ?I can?t fight the feeling? has been forged for the floor. Undulating synth and clattering percussion encircle a static beat off beat in a chaotic opening, smoothing out into a surge fueled by pulsing keys and a deep bass throb. A2 ?Beat Study One? leads with a filthy synth bassline that expands and contracts through pulsing pads and roaring resonant samples. Aircraft machinery sounds lift the mix to climax as things get deep. On the flip, ?Go? is just as dark, with chilling synth intertwining with a tight cymbal loop. Deep and claustrophobic, accented drum hits give shape while reverborated vocal samples moan from within it?s grasp. B2 ?Beat Study Two? continues with another tight percussive loop. Repetition is key here as the bass synth subtly animates and morphs amidst stuttering electronic tones.

WAG040 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “b1 track is deep and feirce, nice. b2 rolls like a crazy horse. peak time material!!! very good job Tobias. thanx gr, dylan”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “All tracks are excellent. just my sort of house music. my favorite wagon repair since the last luca bachetti. thanks.”

D'julz (Pokerflat): “charted numero Uno!”

De:Bug (GER): “Sehr sweet, dieses "I Can't Fight The Feeling". Kann man aber auch nicht. Wie auch. Das ist wie mit Oldschool. Dagegen kann man nichts machen. Das summt, das dreht sich um sich selbst, das ist immer wieder gut, und man lebt einfach drin. "Beat Study One" ist einer der seltenen Sägezahn-Tracks, die einen mal wieder davon überzeugen, dass das eigentlich viel zu selten passiert. "Go", ein auf seine merkwürdige darke Art oldschoolig verschlucktes gespenstisches Monster, das nie losgehen will. Und dann gibt es noch einen weiteren Mix von "Beat Study Two". Wie das alles zusammenpasst, ist mir nicht klar, aber die einzelnen Tracks überzeugen allein schon dadurch, dass sie von einer völlig anderen Welt erzählen. bleed••••• ”

DJ Gio MC-505: “The pickup of my turntable fly immediately on "Go": this is the deepest way of electro. The tracks like this should be played often for remember what is the true electro culture.”

DJ Misk (AltroVerso / IT): “i love the title-track! the others are very interesting too, especially "beat study one". playlist. ”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “Always expect something above average from Tobias. Diggin "I Can't Fight The Feeling" with its warm, live feel which paradoxically manages to be stuttering yet smooth at the same time. ”

Groove Mag (GER): “Pink Elln alias Tobias Freund debütiert auf Wagon Repair. Dabei passt er sich erstaunlich homogen in das Soundbild zwischen Deadbeat, Mathew Jonson, The Mole oder Hrdvision ein. Fast ausschließlich mit antikem Equipment produziert (das die Zutaten finden sich im Layout wieder), bietet Freund eine packende Alternative zu der oft überreizten Trackarchitektur mancher seiner Kollegen. Der Titeltrack ist mit seinem marschierenden Beat zugleich auch der Gewinner dieser EP, während sich „Beat Study One“ und „Beat Study Two“ dem Techno-DJ mit Berufsehre an die Brust werfen. Interessante Platte. GJ”

James Flavour (Dirt Crew): “a1 is excellent! ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “tobias wie immer große klasse!!! i can´t fight the feeling groovt wie hölle. super!!!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “groovy monster superb ,funky as hell A vital release ”

Layo: “this grows on me each listen...”

Mike Monday (Playtime): “I Can't Fight The Feeling - absolutely huge, I can't fight the feeling that this is a club smash Beat Study One - Ooooh yes Go - Lovely dubtechstep crossover fabness, the weird vocal bits are genius Beat Study Two - ooooh yes again Again this is one of the releases of the year so far, and obviously A1 is a hit. ”

Mike Shannon: “I can't fight...stop... playing this record! Loving the broken 808 groove the most and feeling the one for brooklyn as well. Party ”

Mr C (The End/London): “A1: I like this, it has a kind of like a modern french kiss feel to it. Nice vocal too. On rotation. 8/10 A2: Aciiiiid. This will drive the floor wild. Great tune. 8/10 B1: Very nice too. Not enough off beat stuff around in my opinion. On rotation. 8/10 B2: Aciiiiid. also very good. On rotation. This is the best Wagon 12" for me in a long time. ”

Raresh: “super record every track is a journey thank you tobias”

Raveline (GER): “TECHNO OF THE MONTH (JUNE)! Es ist die Zeit von Tobias Freund. Was der eine Teil des Sieg über die Sonne-Duos zurzeit anpackt, geht steil nach oben. So auch die 40. Veröffentlichung des kanadischen Wagon Repair-Labels. „I Can‘ Fight The Feeling“ wird uns deshalb in den nächsten Monaten auf den Floors der Clubs begleiten. Einprägsam und mit dezent gesetzten Vocals garniert setzt sich die Maschinerie in diesem Track vor. Ganz anders „Go“ das auf den ¾ Elektrosound anspringt und für mich das Highlight dieser Scheibe setzt. Dazu noch die beiden „Beat Study“ Teile die ganz stark an frühere Rob Acid-Zeiten erinnern und schon ist eine herausragende Scheibe am Start. PatrickS”

Resident Advisor: “Well now, here’s a fusion of horizons: just as Wagon Repair finally consolidates a sound for itself, along comes Tobias Freund to put a noisy, trippy feather in their cap. Tobias Freund is an artist who’s been hitting his straps (and then some) with his recent releases as NSI and Odd Machine, but for me it’s his solo minimal techno work as tobias. that’s his best. This is techno for the heads: it’s never going to chart that well or make loved-up kids spit their lollipops at peaktime, but in the right hands, tracks like ‘Street Knowledge’ and ‘Violence’ are serious weapons. And they sound amazing: ‘Beat Studio One’ is equal parts DJ tool and melting transistor. Turn it up and you begin to experience the sensation of having your head being slowly unzipped by the pressure of a shifting bassline. The sounds here are inorganic elements conducting massive overloads of current, but the real trick is how tobias. makes these transistor rhythm sound alive. It’s the mineral made animal. ‘Beat Studio Two’ ramps up the pressure even further, until the valves approach bursting point and the filaments glow white. The rich noisiness of both these tools brings things close to Byetone’s excellent ‘Plastic Star’ EP from earlier this year, but the frequencies here are hotter, fatter, and more alive. ‘Go’ takes us to the borders of a mad land between Autechre and Cassy, with revenant atmospheres divided into carefully machined arrhythmias placed (chopped) over a female vocal. If anyone’s listening, I’d love to hear Shackleton remix this, then have Ricardo remix the remix. Guys? ‘I Can’t Fight the Feeling’ is much closer to tobias.’ house mode, a switch in which he shares an affinity with Kerri Chandler’s Computer Games material, a soundworld made of clean, taut drum patterns welded to lean, deep house atmospheres. It’s a break after all that buzzing heat, but you can still hear the ‘noise’. There’s also the sense that, while distinct, all four tracks are variations of each other – this is an EP of ‘family resemblances’ built from the same sequences. Is this a perfect minimal techno EP? Obviously, we’ll have to wait for the dust to settle before we can say, but if it still sounds as good in two years as 06/07’s ‘Street Knowledge’ does now, then I think the answer may well be… yes.”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “a1 is ace! will play and chart. ”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “love this freaky track beat study one.. nice one.. I received this on as wav file, playing this sometime. thx shinedoe”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “The Beat Studies are ace!”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “very very good production. i like the electro track a lot even if its a challenge to find the right slot for it in my set.. i like this record!”

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