Los Updates Feat.villallobos&dandy Jack

“First If You Please Rmx By Villalobos” | “Rmx By Dandy Jack”

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“Los Updates is the latest project from Chilean musical mastermind Jorge González together with Loreto Otero. It connects the dots between mindbending minimal house and unabashed pop. „Los Updates First If You Please“ — The Remixes — features original cuts backed by remixes from Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack, Luciano, Tobias and other Los Updates companions. This fall, a special CD release will follow, gathering all Los Updates’ originals along. The first installment of the series includes the origonal version “4 Wheel Drive". González vocals and obliquely narrative lyrics are doubtless the centerpiece here, veering between singing and speaking, falsetto highs and baritone lows. There’s no doubt that he has top-notch studio chops, but González makes his outsider status a virtue: his beats don’t sound like anyone else’s. Dandy Jack remixes with his Superhero “Inviting You Here,” a track whose original version is forthcoming on the CD release. In the Latin Lava’s inimitable, irrepressible style, the track swarms and squirms with bubbling congas, bouncing accordion blips and blasted strands of reverb. Full of motion and color, Dandy Jack’s mix balances the intensity of house and techno with the playful spirit of Raymond Scott. Finally, for those who lamented its absence on Sei Es Drum, Ricardo Villalobos’ triple-vinyl collection of Fabric 36 exclusives,Villalobos’ “4 Wheel Drive” remix is finally here on wax, in all 13 minutes of its rippling, hypnotic glory. Riding a long, loping groove and leaning hard on a battery of psychoacoustic effects, this is Villalobos at his most focused, drilling to the heart of the dancefloor one friction-filled bar at a time, even as González’ commanding vocals swell to fill the room. It’s a breathtaking collaboration to round out a refreshingly diverse EP—and tide us over until the next update from Los Updates, featuring remixes from Luciano and Tobias. Stay tuned!” 53313;"Toby Tobias resurrects his Casinoboy alias for three tracks of superb, wonky, disco on the Redux label (previously home to Greg Wilson, 40 Thieves, Weirdo Police & Boogie Corporation). DJ plays from Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Bill Brewster, Pete Herbert, etc)

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2000 and one (Intacto): “phat, phat!!! ricardo creates a tru trip, he always does this. i played this last weekend from the begining untill the end, never boring and so funky. thanx:) gr, dylan”

Alex Attias (Freedom Soundz Pr: “ "yessss this is sick! im loving the original big time. remixes are good too. Im feeling this groove with twisted vocals and percussions. top quality productions. more of these yes thats wat we need!"”

Dj Misk (AltroVerso / IT): “the villalobos remix is nice. its exotic sounds marked by psychedelic aestethics are a valid reason to play this track.”

Italoboyz (Get Physical - Moth: “i knew ricardo's remix (awesome) and I really love the original too! quality..”

James Priestly (Secretsundaze): “ "It's dope! I love a bit of pop mangling.. The whole 4 wheel drive thing - it's so cool. I'm diggin the original but it's more ricardo's mix I would play - hot!" ”

Jose Maria Amon (Ibiza Radio): “ "Really enjoy ... this fantastic new stuff!! Lovely tunes i love the 3 versions, sounds really great to add on our radio shows, full support from Ibiza Global Radio!"”

Jozif Goodwin (Resident Adviso: “ "Wow! This is absolutely brilliant!"”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “very nice wok as usual by ricardo Will play of course”

Mr C (The End/London): “B1: i like this version. Ricardo make the vocal sound really good. On rotation. 8/10”

Paulo Olarte (fresh fish/liebe: “cool release, like both rmxs and the original. jorge gonzalez big influence to all of us who where born nad raised in southamercia, “los prisioneros“ fuimos todos!”

Payman Farahani (Resident Advi: “ "LOVELY NEW SOUNDS!!!" ”

philip sherburne: “like you need my feedback to tell you how good this is? FINALLY ricardo's "4 wheel drive" remix is out on vinyl, and about damn time! better yet, this kicks off what promises to be an amazing run for jorge and los updates.... can't wait for the tobias remix!”

Raresh: “a complete record with 3 tracks that are super special ... love it play it :)”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “great release! hard to decide yet but i think the villalobos mix is the one for me. ”

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