A Different Jimi

“I Don´t Know Why You Say”

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Yes, he is a member of Egoexpress. But no, he isn’t Egoexpress. He is a different Jimi. After Egoexpress, he went back to school again, an undertaking he has since dismissed, despite a top grade point average, to become a musician (again). He plays the recorder, badly but enthusiastically but that is of no real account because for him, the music happens in the clubs.Since early 2007, A Different Jimi has been at the turntables - with disproportionate success - and has a residency in Hamburg’s renowned Golden Pudel Club (where he hosts the party series Fit for Jazz, Unfit For Jazz and Fuck For Jazz). Apart from this solo project, he works in collaboration with Die Sterne synthplayer Richard von der Schulenburg and the future megastar Gay Mc. And now, on the side, he and his congenial buddies have founded the label it’s. As the label’s first official act, the president of it’s (Jimi) has released his own solo-debut 12″. You might think: it’s that easy, isn’t it? ut those who know A Different Jimi, know that master Jimsen never makes it easy for himself. Like a conscientious smithy, he hammers and drives until all those little pony feet are hooved and clad with the best of shoes.And if that iron isn’t at least 100% excellent, then it’s goes back into the fire. But finally three hot irons have made it on to black gold. Two of them will get you gallopping across the dancefloor: “1753 Angelo” and “I Don’t Know Why You Say". Two poppy House tracks - because House is the sound of now and exploding harmonies are Jimi’s unique way of conquering dullness with a different kind of musical euphoria. The third track “My Hang” has the beauty of a moondog composition, something that is more than hard to find these days.At long last - something really fine.

ITS001 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “a side is nice a melodic, kinda cheesy edged. I LIKE THAT!!! thanx! gr, dylan”

DJ Gio MC-505: “I's a pleasure for me to see, often, a new labels join in european scene. A Different Jimi, born under the well-know project Egoexpress, is a visionary concept who explore the dance music of new millennium. "I Don't Know You Say" is perfect for the dancefloor, with a powerful crescendo of harmonics. Today it's hard to find a record like this: play loud please!”

DJ Misk (AltroVerso / IT): “the a-side has a wonderful track that is done with good grove and excellent synth lines. really attractive the tunes of "1753 angelo". playlist.”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “nice! ”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “"I don't Know Why You Say" is a solid track.”

Groove Mag (GER): “Egoexpress-Mitglied A Different Jimi veröffentlicht mit „I Don’t Know Why You Say“ die erste Katalognummer seines Labels It’s. Den Golden Pudel Club, Treffpunkt der Talentierten und Verkannten, im Gedächtnis, erschafft Jimi hier eine elegant-berauschende Abendgarderobe einschließlich subtilen Witzes und doppelten Bodens. Entgegen Egoexpress’schen Techno-Entwürfen richten sich „I Don’t Know Why You Say“ und „1753 Angelo“ in housiger Attitüde direkt an den Dancefloor und zelebrieren den Wunsch nach nächtlicher Euphorie und Verschmelzung. „My Hang“ dagegen bleibt verschattete Diva mit jazzigem Einschlag. Mehr Klischee denn Irritation. MLB”

IDJ Mag (UK): “Former Egoexpress dude Jimi Siebles strikes out with his first release in a couple of years, and it’s certainly been worth the wait. The title track is a decent, moody groover, but better still is sun-tinged lilt of ‘1753 Angelo’. Starting out as an edgy, minor key groove, it transforms halfway into a stunning minimal-pop-house anthem of the highest order. The kind of thing that terraces and endless afternoons were made for.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “wow. danke jimi. tolle a seite. full support.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “just what i love excellent”

Layo: “...that I like it A”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “a1 and b1 are the ones for me! nice one.”

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