Alexi Delano & Tony Rohr

“Machine Run Ep”

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With so many American producers moving to Berlin over the past few years, New York can seem a lonely place for itís diminished community of techno producers. Or it could be a blessing in disguise, bringing people together and spawning fresh, exciting collaborations in a way thatís not possible when a scene reaches saturation point…Thatís exactly whatís happened with Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr and judging by their outrageous new Machine Run EP, itís a match made in heaven. Living just a short subway ride apart in Brooklyn, theyíve been hooking up in Alexiís studio every week for the last 18 months to share musical ideas (or just indulge in their mutual appreciation of good food and wine). Needless to say, a strong friendship and deep respect has developed out of this working relationship, a relationship that has transcended stylistic boundaries and rewritten the rulebook accordingly. Alexi elaborates further on their special dynamic, ď…Tony works a lot on the Live side of things so he has a clear view of what works in his own music whereas I come from the DJ turned producer side so it leads to some pretty crazy and quite different dance floor tracks that seem to grab people off guard.ď Like all producers, they already had tons of ideas that were recorded and partially sequenced but sparks suddenly began to fly when they started merging these “under construction” tracks together. Run 0, Run 1 and Run 2 are the results of sessions that began when Tony arrived at the studio with some parts of Run 1 which became the A side on the Plus 8 release. Together they transformed these rough ideas into the finished article along with the more dubbed out Run 1. Run 2 was created from scratch soon after as it was decided that Run 1 needed a ítwistedí sister track. Without ever getting too dark, the Machine Run E.P. has some really spooky vibes running through it. Alexi sums it up as ďthe sound track to a futuristic Bela Lugosi movieď while Tony proudly admits heís ďalways been

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