Alex Picone

“Furby Floppy”

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Cadenza welcomes a new artist into the fold with the arrival of Alex Picone. Based in Padova, Italy, Alex has previously recorded for Tenax from Italy and Detroit’s Mixworks; these two tracks confirm his status as a major new talent with plenty of tricks up his sleeve. You might remember Furby as a bestselling electronic toy from the late ’90s, but Alex’s track of the same name is nowhere near as cute or cuddly. Sure, it’s got a warm, spongy sub-bass cushion resting below, and some carefree melodic flourishes flying above. And sure, plenty of good-natured bleeps keep the playful vibe flying high. But the cut is built around a skeleton of polished steel and precision mechanics, and as relaxed as the beat may be, you get the sense that this sucker could tear your head off if you glanced at it the wrong way. This is no-holds-barred dance music with a manic glint in its eye and wildpitch strings threaded through its flesh: house music for house people who won’t let anything stand in their way of the hypnotic groove. On the flipside, Floppy kicks back and debones, inviting us to unwind in time with glancing chords and carefree keyboard riffs. On the surface it’s a simple track, but there’s more than immediately meets the ear, from moody clarinets bubbling up from the deep to all manner of carefully tuned percussion. What at first feels upbeat and laidback gradually reveals a more nuanced level of emotion—not necessarily melancholic, but definitely ambivalent: Don’t be surprised to find your mind wandering far afield while your body is in motion. No ordinary feelgood deep-house cut, then, but Alex’s guiding hand bestows it all with a generous sense of swing and gentle abandon, ensuring that this is one cut that will take you as far as you want to go.

CADENZA27 in the media

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Really dig a1. Very hooky baseline and a nice groove. Will play for sure. ”

Anja Schneider Mobilee Records: “love this record ! Its perfect for the summer and let you leave with a smile on your face. Support .”

De:Bug (GER): “Sehr funkig, und trotz aller Linearität im Groove ist "Floppy" eher ein Track, der davon lebt, dass der Groove ganz Melodie ist und sich langsam, sehr langsam immer weiter in die Komplexität der doch sehr klaren Melodie hineinsteigert. Perfekter Track, der bei aller Geschlossenheit doch ganz schön loskickt und so manche Oslo an die Wand spielt. Die Rückseite, klar die heisst "Furby", erinnert im Groove mehr an Chicago und auch die Chords wirken wie aus der Oldschool herausgeschnitten, und das was wir so gerade eben noch als Stakkatostrings durchgehen lassen, macht aus dem Track einen echten Killer. Cadenza ist definitiv wieder in Bestform. bleed•••••”

DJ Misk (AltroVerso / IT): “excellent work. first-class arrangements for high quality house muuuusic! playlist.”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “great house music! charted #1”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “great house music! charted #1”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “einer der hits vom wochenende. beide seiten der hammer. beste cadenza seit langem. der sommer ist da!!!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “nice funky number on the A side”

Mr C (The End/London): “A: That's a good house groove that will work well in the mix. On rotation. 7/10 B: Same reaction as above but a little stronger for the floor than the other side. On rotation. 8/10”

philip sherburne: “cadenza's got an interesting thing going on at the moment, alternating between "head" records and "ass" records... this one's definitely in the latter category, pure boompty-boomp for the booty. love the touch of two-step swing!”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “floppy is huge! i already played it a couple of times last weekend with massive response. will play and chart.”

Shlomi Aber (Beasone): “quite cool groovy track , nice work from mr picone”

Woody (Fumakilla): “nice one!in my case, thanks!”

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