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A third EP on Trenton from Theodor Zox and his Copenhagen grooves! “Moodswinger” is a bit of a more house-y record but still with Theodor’s recognizable touch, short sounds and shuffled beats. Still Theodor explores new corners of funkiness while making sure he gives you that bounce. It’s summer after all. On the “Moodswinger” remix, Reynold’s re-interprets the track with different keys. As it’s his forte, Reynold drops some cinematic shit in the middle before bringing back the funk hard. All that and he still manages to keep the track tight and solid. The 2 tracks on the inside are a bit more experimental and make that record a perfect tool for early, peak time and after hours sets. Thanks for supporting us and keep it real!

TREN026 in the media

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Phenomenal release. Some of the best dj tools out there. Love his stuff. Wish it got the attention it deserves. Very nice grooves.”

Dave Twomey (Samurai fm): “ very tasty ep... perfect summer swingers!!! would play a lot over the summer I think ”

De:Bug (GER): “Wird immer souliger der Zox. Der Titeltrack ist ein purer funkiger Housegroove mit deeper Orgel, funkigen Chords, einer Bassline mit immer mehr Acidgefühl und einer Stimmung, die es schafft bei aller Relaxtheit doch immer voller Energie zu wirken, und auch hier setzen die fast orchesterartigen Strings (von der Harfe wollen wir mal gar nicht reden) noch einen drauf. Zum Kontrast kommt "Babylon" sehr zerknautscht und mit einem kantig funkig-entkernten Groove, der etwas verloren wirkt, aber trotzdem (vielleicht auch deshalb) seinen Charme hat. Der Liquid-Beef-Remix von Reynold macht aus dem Titeltrack einen sehr deepen Jazztrack, und mit dem extremen Dub "Ganeesha" wird aus der EP ein wirklich vielseitiges Meisterwerk, von dem sich so mancher, der behauptet Minimal und Dubstep miteinander verbinden zu wollen, so einiges abschauen kann. bleed••••• ”

DJ Misk (AltroVerso / IT): “i appreciate the good theodor arrangements in all three tracks and obviously i like the reynold remix. playlist.”

Downer (Thoughtless music): “ Thanks, Daniel! I am definitely feeling this. Faves are Babylon and Reynold mix of Moodswinger (but the whole EP is dice). Babylon has some great textures happening and the Moodswinger remix has outdoor summer get-down written all over it... Good luck, looking forward to the upcoming releases... ”

Electric Indigo: “ i like very much the moodwinger - reynold liquid beef remix - sounds great! ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “realy funky 4 tracker It's all good in there Great stuff”

Layo: “playing B1 all the way”

Mr C (The End/London): “A1: Nice deep tinged house track. A2: Nice house groove & I really like the dubby jazzy overtones. On rotation. 8/10 B1: Good solid house tune. I like the vocals samples & the bass & synths & the general vibe. On rotation. 9/10 B2: Very good track, I like everything about this tune. On rotation. 9/10”

Pheek (Archipel): “ I like this and will play for sure. Nice EP by Theo :) ”

philip sherburne: “definitely feeling the A2 and the B2 cuts -- both are really dark and weird, with a little two-step lurch to them. quite nice!”

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