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“Who Can Find Me”

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Following up from his masterful album No Disco Future, Thomas Melchior returns to Cadenza with a new single that continues to push gently outward against the boundaries of house music. Thomas is no singer, but he’s always had a knack for humanizing his music with quietly compelling vocal samples—hiccups, nonsense syllables, single words, even entire phrases—that alternately bring a blush to the skin or set you adrift on a sea of unease. Now, on “Who Can Find Me (I Can’t)” he continues the tradition with a lilting female voice that alternates between wordless phrases and the open-ended question, “Who can find me?” On paper the title might look depressed, even desperate - but that’s far from the case. The chords may be (mainly) minor key, and the synthesizers unusually delicate, but if anything distinguishes the song it’s a profound sense of freedom. As always, repetition plays a key role here, as Thomas layers spindly arpeggios and quiet, bouncing chords; his drums are unusually restrained this time out, with just enough bite to keep them pushing forward. The voice drifts in and out as innocuously as clouds on a summer day. It’s as hypnotic as love itself. On the flipside, “Choir” returns to the supple African and Latin rhythms that distinguished Thomas’ Collaboration with Luciano, “Father"/"Solomon’s Prayer” (Cadenza 11). Rolling hand drums and rata-tat wood blocks square off against Thomas’ trademark drum programming, a limber house pattern with swing to spare. Distant birdcalls promise to bring a ray of light to the darkest club, while sampled choirs punctuate the music with jubilant outbursts. Careful listeners will note that the song’s pivotal chord runs just out of phase with the beat, cycling round and round and lending a deliciously woozy feel to the tune’s liquid momentum. „Who Can Find Me EP“ presents Thomas Melchior at his rapturous best.

CADENZA29 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “"choir" is a nice tribal builder, perfect summer time afternoon beach gig tune:) thanx! ”

Alex Attias (Planet E): “: "Once a gain a great release from Cadenza and a superb deep ep by maestro Melchior. Im feeling bothe side and im loving this fusion between electronic minimalesque groove and african vibzzzzz. yesssssss, im in!"”

Alexi Delano (ADNY productions: “"This sounds like a beautiful ep!"”

Brendon Moeller(Beatpharmacy): “choir" is one of the sexiest house jams of the summer... get's you right in the soul!”

D'julz (Pokerflat): “lovely deep music , will chart”

Dixon (Innervisions): “b-side is dope.”

Dj Misk (AltroVerso / Italy): “the atmospheres of main track are dreamies and totally involving. excellent music from cadenza. i love it.”

Efdemin (Dial): “Another candy from one of the best. the b-side is awesome. full support.”

Francois K (Wavemusic): “"This is obviously very strong stuff. I love both sides!" ”

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK): “Delightful stuff as usual from Mr Melchior. "Who Can Find Me" is perfect for summer days. Warm, hypnotic and a bit trancier than his usual stuff. "Choir" is definitely more instantly recognisable as him. Funky, housey and groovy with so many layers and such wonderful production. Excellent!”

Groove Mag (GER): “Thomas Melchior ist eine Instanz. Man muss keine Eulen nach Athen tragen und seine Taten für Trelik, Playhouse oder Perlon noch mal im Detail erläutern. Seine neue EP lässt ihn nun nach seiner Kollaboration mit Luciano zu Cadenza zurückkehren. „Who Can Find Me“ ist in seiner Sprache dezidiert und stringent House, spielt mit Stimmelementen und wandelt fast auf Wolken. Die Rückseite präsentiert mit „Choir“ eins dieser Melchior-typischen Werkzeuge, die Repetition zum höchsten Gut erklären und den DJ in seiner Plattentasche (falls er so etwas noch hat) nach der passenden Auflösung suchen lassen. Könnte aber auch ewig so weitergehen. Wenn das „Minimal“ ist, bin ich dabei.”

Jozif (Resident Advisor): “Wow! Melchior on top form! What a beautiful piece!"”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “ich finde die bseite ist ein schönes sommertool. i like it.”

Lee Smith IDJ Magazine (UK): “Awesome stuff from Melchior as always. My favourite Cadenza so far this year.”

Leo Walton(Darling department): “I love Melchior and I love Cadenza."”

Michel Leuffen(Funkverteiler): “ Ich liebe ja alles was der Gute so macht! Das hier ist ja mal wieder super spirituell! Ganz feine 12!"”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon: “Thomas put's you in the deep end again... this record should come with a snorkel. Ace! ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “excellent release! full support.”

Tom Verhoeven (N.E.W.S.): “"I'm a big fan of Thomas! The release sounds great as always."”

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