Stefan Goldmann

“Radiant Grace”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM05
FormatEXCL12"COrders fromThu, 26 Jun 2008
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September seems to be the month for Stefan Goldmann to drop the benchmark tunes: 2006 was all about “Sleepy Hollow", 2007 went “Lunatic Fringe” - and it’s no surprise “Radiant Grace” hits the streets just now: This track proves there actually is a next level of development after minimal and the new deep house movement: An irresistible chord figure is put up against a growing string section, all culminating after minutes of build up in a synth-fuelled peak - it stands out as much in a late night house set as in a Sunday morning afterhours workout. There has rarely ever been so much tension in such an effortlessly deep piece of music - probably house music’s most innovative offering this summer and certainly one of the most memorable tunes around. Rave support already comes from Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon and Ame, who were lucky enough to get CDRs up front. “Prefecture” is as future forward - a skippy chord figure sets the groove while sharp tones set the mood. A warm bassline in one of the most dynamic environments a bassline can be put in: Macro keeps pushing the boundaries. The September schedule doesn’t stop here though: Together with Radiant Grace, Macro releases the Stefan Goldmann debut double CD “The Transitory State", as well as the 5x7″ box set concept album “Voices Of The Dead". Followed by Mr.Goldmann’s 1st ever mix CD, on fellow Japanese label Mule Electronic! “Something’s going on with this guy that has nothing to do with what we’ve heard before.

MACROM05 in the media

Alex Attias (Planet E): “Absolutely dope and challenging stuff. As usual, experimental, deep and groovy stuff from maestro Stefan. It makes me wanna listen to these tunes again and again and again. Special, unique and cinematic, these tunes will get played and of course supported. More please!”

Alex Dallas (Drumpoet Communit: “Yeah, really dig this. Stefan keeps his twisted harmonies and delivers with this 12" a deep, cinematic and especially funky sight of quality future house music!”

alex picone (cadenza): “I like Radiant Grace! Nice chord and groove!”

Ame (Innervisions): “A side is a killer! Have tested it successfully this weekend and reactions were very good. Dixon and Frank love the B-side, Frank has strange Prince associations!”

anja schneider [mobilee]: “Playlist "Under The Blue Moon" Radio Friz Berlin”

Gamall (Planet E): “I love that Stefan has changed up his sound pallette subtly and with finese - the guitar, the strings, it's immensely cinematic and as always top notch. I'm sure as with other releases this will go straight into program. Prefecture is a great development - sounds like Stefan’s normal sound pallette at first but there's a new found sense of space - has he been meditating or something ? It's very zen - love the sense of width, turns and dynamics ”

Harri (Sub Club - Glasgow): “I love both tracks and I can’t wait to play them out. No.1 in my chart.”

Joaquin “Joe” Claussell (Spiri: “Know that I do play allot of it out.”

John Selway (Drumcode): “I'm still wrapping my head around this one, but I definitely think it's great. ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “both racks are nice and moody will play on my late sets ”

Manuel Tur (Drumpoet Community: “Von den beiden gewohnt Macro-vertrackten Nummern gefällt mir die B-seite wieder besonders. Hier ist die Goldmann-typische, leicht verstörende Atmosphäre einfach noch besser zusammengepuzzlet! ”

Pepe Bradock (Atavisme): “Loving the Radiant Grace / Prefecture Album EP !”

Prins Thomas (Full Pupp): “Radiant Grace" is lovely. Could have done with more guitar, but I'm not complaining. In an ideal world you would become both rich and succesfull for your contribution to good new exciting dance music! Actually, if you'd be up for it I'd love to have a go at a remix of this. I'm loving the track.”

Richie Hawtin (Minus): “THANKS ALOT for Radiant Grace!!! ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “Danke für die Tracks. Finde ich wie immer super. Full Support.”

Solomun (Diynamic): “Tolle Platte! Die A-Seite ist genau auf meiner Wellenlänge. Danke.”

Troy Pierce (M_nus): “Thanks, I really really like the Radiant Grace track... nice job”

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