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“Bugnology 3”

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This is the third part in the Bugnology series, one of the most acclaimed compilations in modern house music. For the third time Steve edited, compiled, mixed and reconstructed the 21 tracks with special software to create the perfect flow, as the special Bugnology edits make the tracks fit into each other as you won‘t hear it in a regular DJ mix. The new album features the best tracks from Steve Bug‘s recent DJ sets including tracks and mixes from some of the genre‘s top producers like Tigerskin, Two Armadillos (Giles Smith & Martin Dawson), Manuel Tur, Peace Division, Lee Jones (MyMy) as well as the rising stars of now, Martin Stimming (Diynamic), Matthias Meyer (Liebe*Detail) or Adultnapper (Audiomatique) as well as the best newcomers. Includes the latest output from currently most relevant labels like Rush Hour, Freerange, Audiomatique, Liebe*Detail, Dial, Simple, Oslo, Dessous, Dirt Crew and many more.

PFRCD22 in the media “It's another sensational and cutting-edge mix from Steve Bug, displaying his love for such a variety of sounds and sensations and his one-of-a-kind intuition as a DJ... Bug yourself out.” “... a seamless, smooth listening experience”

Dj Mag (UK): “Bug encapsulates that twilight zone on the dancefloor when time and space seem to blend into each other as fluidly as his mixing. It’s a mix full of subtle beauty, with a groove that is so evocative of the early morning hours it might well turn to stone upon exposure to daylight.”

Fast Cars: “Steve Bug has created a crazy sounding CD that’s more one flowing body of music blended perfectly to please your ears.”

Groove Mag (GER): “Steve Bug präsentiert die dritte Folge seiner im Zwei-Jahres-Takt veröffentlichten Bugnology-Mixe. Für dieses Mal hat er eine Auswahl aktueller Tracks und Remixes getroffen, die gleichermaßen entspannt wie clubtauglich sind. Wie schon zuvor editiert, kürzt, loopt und beschneidet er die ausgewählten Tracks mit sorgfältiger Hand. Daraus entsteht im digitalen Mix ein sehr präziser und reibungsfreier Fluss, der aber ein wenig das Rohe eines Livemixes vermissen lässt. Bug zieht eine Spannungskurve von sanftem, aufleuchtendem Deephouse wie Manuel Turs „Vabanque“ im Stimming-Remix über verdunkelte Techno-Gewächse wie Pigons „Helios“ bis zu perkussiv-antreibenden Tracks à la „The Last Hour“ von Ripperton & Alex Attias. Als finaler Hit gibt sich dann schlussendlich „Inside Out“ von King & Neville Watson der alten Acid-Schule hin und setzt einem geschlossenen Mix die Krone auf. October beenden die Reise mit „Invitation“ und machen dort, wo es richtig viel versprechend wird, leider schon Schluss. Wenn Nummer vier hier anschließt, bleibt es spannend. MLB”

IDJ Mag (UK): “Warmer than his previous mixes, and perfectly programmed, this is why Steve Bug is held with the utmost of respect.” “A snapshot of a very exciting time in dance music - where genres and barriers are continually being broken, in the name of exciting, forward thinking and free-flowing house music. (”

m8 magazine: “This is an unbelievably deep and mesmerizing mix from the Poker Flat head and if you’ve been into his sets on any level before, you’ll lap this up.”

Mixmag (UK): “This is a mix of all that’s currently exciting in deep electronic music mixed by a master at the top of his game.”

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