“Lost Whistle Ep”

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RVDS, Golden Pudel Club resident, Baroque fetishist, key god, one of the rare sowed, really exceptionally musicians. Essentially the guy is busy with music, music and again music. And the result belongs to the clubs? Yeah, you can listen to the new ITS002 12″, which RVDS recorded at Synthesizer Studio Hamburg (a little electronic smelling room, crammed with analog synths and drummachines) and forged it with A DIFFERENT JIMI next to his horse farm. How what is that? LOST WHISTLE – an ode to Ilse Werner (a German whistle artist) or the whistle school in La Gomera? In any case it is a hit which makes you afraid of, because there is magic on it. MARZIPAN NIGHTMARE – simply to explain: you take 800g raw almond paste and eat this immediately before you’re going to sleep. The result is that ! HAUSARREST / NICHT ZU HAUSE (House arrest / Not at home)– an ode to house and „Haus“music,which is the german expression for >>music-making in the home<<. Fine track! For the clever people:you can fit both tracks together and the result is the real house arrest, which didn’t take place at home, but in the clubs of the world.

ITS002 in the media

Dj Misk (AltroVerso / Italy): “nice ambient textiles in a tech-house frames. it's a good 4 track ep and i will play it in altroverso. well done.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “schöne platte. i like it.”

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