Holger Zilske

“Wrecker 06/ Undo, Smash Tv Rmx”

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Best known as Smash TV, Holger Zilske needs no big presentation. Everyone has heard at least once his maxis and LPs for labels such as BPitch Control or Playhouse. He’s also Ellen “Berlinette” Allien’s right-hand man, having produced her best studio albums. For his debut in Factor City he presents “Wrecker” which confirms once again the talent of this Berlin-based artist. On top of an overwhelming acidic bass-line and a constant and repetitive rhythm base he builds a track that guarantees full effectiveness and joy to the dance-floor. In the B-side, two regular Factor City artists, Undo and d.a.r.y.l. rebuild the original. The first one takes “Wrecker” to a darker and mental field. A hideous bass-line deeper than the ocean is the axis of this remix and above of it, some of the elements of the original version appear and disappear in what can be considered as a 21st century techno feast. A real dance-floor burner. Robotic kid d.a.r.y.l. converts the original in a classic-cut track with obvious influences of the best electronic music of the last decade; from the British raves to Detroit, in an intense and elaborate remix that completes and rounds out this demolishing 12”. Thanks for listening!

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