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As a DJ, Berlin’s Sebo K has a reputation for mixing it up: while grounded in contemporary house and techno, he injects his sets with forgotten gems and stone classics, ever mindful of the fact that dance music is a continuum, not a top-10 list. He brings that same spirit to his productions, which rank as some of the deepest in Mobilee’s catalog. That formerly “minimal” dancefloors have opened up to deeper, sultrier strains of house is a result, in part, to his 2006 cut “Moved featuring Prosumer,” a cut that helped kick off the current return to a classic, Chicago-influenced aesthetic. Following up on December’s one-sided single “Far Out,” Sebo K returns with “Diva,” another track so deep that it doesn’t need a B-side. Don’t let the title scare you: there are no wailing divas here, no garish melodies. Just a brief vocal sample looped throughout the mix—a highvoltage call-and-response that sends sparks flying at just the right moments. As for the production, control is the watchword: unadorned drum machines do a lithe, high-stepping forward march while cool, syncopated chords bounce in place. From its copious empty space to its irresistible groove, it feels a lot like some B-side dub mix from a long-lost Chicago classic. The vibe hangs deliciously between tension and release, moving and soothing in equal measure. This one’s for going the distance. Accompanying “Diva” is a digital-only package of “Far Out” remixes from Agnés, Joris Voorn and DJ Sneak, who closes the Chicago-roots circle!

MOBILEE043 in the media

2000 and one (Intacto): “aaah a new one from my friend sebastian:) uplifting sey house groove the way i like it!!!”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “cool track, although I feel like i've heard it before. quality nonetheless though.”

AME nnervisions _Sonar Kollekt: “dancefloor destroyer,simple and effective!!!”

Debug (GER): “Sebo K - Diva (Mobilee / 043) Immer auf dem Akkord bleiben, leicht zittern dabei, nicht abweichen, Linie, Grazie, Glück. Einfache Formel, die immer wieder funktioniert und die Sebo K definitiv in Perfektion ausspielen kann, aber irgendwann erwartet man mehr, und dann kommt er auch mit ein paar Divenvocalfragmenten, die dem Track sein Zentrum, seinen Grund, seine Bestimmung geben. (PS: Welches Presswerk hat sich eigentlich den Extradiscount auf Single-Sided 12"es ausgedacht? Das ist doch wirklich mittlerweile etwas übertrieben.) bleed”

Dixon (Innervisions): “I Love a Diva!”

Dj Mag (UK): “Sebo K returns to Mobilee with an absolute killer that is bound to be big. "Diva" coming in the side of a confident one sided, one track vinyl has the prefect balance between new and old. A tight, puchy kicking groove gets straight to the point with some call to arms chords raising the temperature levels. The track peaks with some simple Housey female vocal sample working up to a crescondo. This is solid, no fuss House music at its best.”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “another superb release from mr K, brings me right back in N. Y circa '93”

Efdemin (Dial): “.... has the special K-groove, which I do like. people love it. ”


Groove Mag (GER): “Von Breakbeat bis HipHop: Sebo K hat sich in vielem ausprobiert. Seit er sich auf House mit minimalem Anstrich konzentriert, klingt er aufgeräumter. Auch „Diva” wirkt atmosphärisch clean und verpackt geschmeidig seine Liebe zum Chicagohouse in einen funky Track mit unaufdringlich geloopten Stimmsample. Die einseitig bespielte Platte gleicht einem Feuerwerk, ihr wohnt das Zeug zum kurzweiligen Hit inne. Die digitale Veröffentlichung liefert noch Remixe seines letzten Releases „Far Out” von Agnès, Joris Voorn und DJ Sneak mit. Mile”

Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels_: “Ive been playing this, like it. Solid dancefloor stuff, and well produced.”

Jesse Rose: “Not only a great dj but an amazing producer to boot! ”

John Tejada (Palette): “ "thanks for the diva track. i like it and will play it."”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “schon wieder eine tolle platte von sebo k. tolle housenummer. i like it.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “very groovy track i have been playing it a lot lately”

Loco Dice (DESOLAT, M_nus, Ovu: “Really good been playin it as WAX for a while...”

Shinedoe (Intacto): “ncie one full support.”

Stefan Goldmann (Macro): “Hot stuff! Full support.”

Woody (Fumakilla): “in my case! super bouncy...:)”

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