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“Fresh 727”

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His this year’s second album “Heavy Day” still heavily resonates in people’s ears, now that Falko Brocksieper already delivers an appropriate follow-up. On “Fresh 727″ Brocksieper finds back to raw, sketchy arrangements, evolving their full energy just from deep, rolling basic grooves, as opposed to the close examination of each tiny sound and every dramaturgic peculiarity in the recent longplayer’s production. On the title track “Fresh 727″ noisy, Maurizio-esque house chords encounter futuristic vocal messages, while edgy, classic drumbox-riffs rip up the dense atmosphere of the track again and again. A deep, marching groove and the freeminded combination of elements signalize special club moments from the very start. On the backside “Request” turns out to be an equally organic, sizzling counterpart, which can promote its sustainable cheerfulness alone by its ongoing bouncy bassline, in a way that all accessory parts get dispensable - to the benefit of a well-balanced blend of rattling percussion, carved vocals and quirky atmo’s.

SUBSTATIC73 in the media

Alland Byallo (Liebe Detail): “Beautiful deep house vibes on the title cut. That's definitely my favorite. Great work from one of the greats! Go Falko”

Andre Gardeja (Freizeitglaube: “WOW ! Falko is back with a classic Housetune ! NICE ! I like and play this track! ”

Angel Molina (Sonar Music/Tres: “‘Request’ is my track, very nice deep techno!”

Barem (Found/Unfound): “LOVE BOTH TRACKS!”

Butane (Alphahouse): “Falko's :request: is a real killer. ”

C-Rock (Cocoon): “ - would you support this one? - yep - would you chart it? - yep - more thoughts: - really nice minimal meets oldskool chicago vibe! Nice one!”

Chris Fortier (Balance): “both a wicked. love "request", but "fresh 727" is a great set lifter. cant wait to play this weekend.”

Craig Richards (Fabric): “A great release. Falco Brockspier is somebody I'm always following.”

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour): “nice groover! request is my favourite. ”

Dan Ghenacia (Freak ‘n’ Chick): “falko's ep is great wil play both tracks.”

Daniel FX (Trenton): “very warm tracks. espcially the a track. i like this one a lot - ”

Dario Zenker (Harry Klein): “i really like both tracks.super groovy and friendly.will play them. - ”

Davide Squillace(Minisektch,Ov: “Fresh 727 is the fresh track u always like to throw during a - session.”

Debug (GER): “Bei "request" klingt der Sound nach dem langsamen Ein- und Ausatmen eines schlichten Telefons und ergänzt akustisch das Schlaflämpchen der Apple-Laptops. Dazu kommt eine reduzierte Bassline, die sich nicht zwischen Bass oder tiefer TomTom entscheiden kann. Etwas detroitiger und mit mit tiefen Vocals erzeugt "fresh 727" eine Stimmung wie beim Nachlassen der ersten Euphorie einer langen Clubnacht. Jetzt entscheidet sich alles für die nächsten zwei Stunden. Aufhören oder weitertanzen, um ganz in die Tiefen des Klangs, der Nacht einzutauchen - wobei letzteres bei dieser 12" naheliegender scheint.”

Dub Kult (Living Records, Raum: “Wicked slowish groovy stuff - Love the old skool sounds. Love it.”

Electric Indigo (Indigo:inc): “ ich finde beide tracks sehr gut, request fast noch besser als fresh 727. falko ist immer ein sicherer kandidat für ebenso coole wie schwungvolle stücke :-) -”

Federico Molinari (Oslo): “cool release, thanks! ”

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance): “been playing both falko tracks with very good reaction”

Ida Engberg (GetPhysical,Trues: “Cool release! I'll use Fresh 727 in my next mix. Thanks! -”

Jeff Samuel (Trapez): “he had sent it to me directly a week or two ago. i like the b-side a lot. it's one of the coolest tracks he ever made...creepy pad for the win. - ”

Jimpster (Freerange): “just want to say thanks so much for sending over the new bits. - I'm blown away by Falco's Request track. That is simply heavy! Played it out last night and the it sounded like it just landed from outerspace. - thanks for the great track.”

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza): “I'm also into the B-side of Falko's EP, good for warming up the dancefloor or afterparty! ”

Lco Dice (Ovum, Minus, Dessola: “Hier mein Fave: Falko Brocksieper -Fresh 727 -”

M8 Magazine: “Former Cologne –based DJ and producer Falko Brocksieper shows us just what a difference living in Berlin makes, with this classy and edgy excursion into more laid back techno territory on his owm label Sub Static. Quirky vocal snipets and a well-balanced blend of atmospheres mean you’re lost in a wealth of sound that has you dreaming of days gone by. The quality of production here is bang on the money. M7/M8 ”

Mark-Henning (Trapez/Freude am: “'Request' is very cool! Will play it.”

Matteo Murphy (Underwater, Tro: “very nice set of tracks, Fresh 727 especially, but a bit deep for most of my sets. - ”

Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab): “real good new substatic as well. my fave here is fresh 727. very good - work by falko, as always. ”

P.Toile (Trenton): “favourite track fresh 727. well done falko. - ”

Raveline: “Falko Brocksieper - Fresh 727 (Substatic 073 / WAS) - Falko Brocksieper haut derzeit eine tolle Platte nach der anderen raus. „Fresh 727" ist ein dicht arrangierter Track mit hypnotisch mahlendem Beat und zeitlos floatenden Chords, die von einem atmosphärischen Geschichtenerzähler fesselnd zusammengehalten werden. „Request" mag es eher minimal-fitzelig, wobei vernebelte Sequenzen, die sich wie flüssiges Gummi zwischen den wackeligen Percussions hindurch winden, jedoch ein geradezu plastisches Klangkonstrukt entstehen lassen. 5 Points Achim”

Savas Pascadilis (Int. Deejay: “nice deep house record... - fresh 727 is my fav. on this. - ”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “will play and chart!”

Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Winding: “Feeling the Falko Brocksieper / 'Request' - nice deep and minimal.”

Someone Else (Found / Unfounds: “i love this old house vibe of this ep. i particularly love 'request'. i think i can only dj this at strange and deep moments. but i hope to play it when i can! -”

Tom Taylor / The Electric Pres: “'Fresh 727' is a cool techy number for me! ...like the vocal samples too”

Tomas Barfod (Gomma, Get Phys: “big fan of Falko, will play both tracks for sure B Request - would you support this one? yes would you chart it? yes more thoughts: send more of substatic - great label”

Tomas Barfod aka Tomboy (Gomma: “big fan of Falko, will play both tracks for sure ”

Toni Rios (Cocoon): “Dark and sexy. Love the accord sound. Play it.”

Trickski (Sonar Kollektiv Defe: “yea, like that one. will play. B Request - like it too. request is my fave, though. would you support this one? - yes would you chart it? - yes more thoughts: great house ep from fb. a good one, for sure.”

Xpansul (Ovum): “ Fresh 727 is my track, really deep and warm. Loving it. -”

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