Slap Vs Ricardo Villalobos

“Eden Now, Ricardo Villalobos Remix”

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LabelMacroCat. No.MACROM08
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Slap - one of the most obscure and forward thinking acts from the early 80s meets the spearhead of today’s electronic music, Ricardo Villalobos. The originals are disturbingly brilliant electronic excursions, while Villalobos’ jazz-fueled rework is one of the deepest mixes he has ever done. Vivid drums are built around a driving bassline, aiming the track right at the floor. Not to mention the rough claps! Imagine Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew” joined by Throbbing Gristle, playing “Minimal Techno” live. Earlier this year Macro unearthed Namlook’s long lost “Subharmonic Atoms” featuring outstanding Pépé Bradock remixes. This continuation of the “prototypes” series is none less of a dream team. Slap’s experimentalism just seems to be the right inspiration for Ricardo Villalobos, who takes it to a level of weirdness only he can achieve while retaining such danceability. Essential!

MACROM08 in the media

Agoria (Infiné): “ Full support, love that record, will play it a lotttt!”

Alex Attias (Planet E): “ This is amazing. Everything that I love in electronic music is here. It’s deep and dark, beautiful and moody. Wow I’m very impressed and definitely into this masterpiece. Full support oh yeahhhhh!”

Basti Schwarz Souvenir Recordi: “cooler mix von ricardo”

Craig Richards (Fabric): “Lovely as always. I'm such a fan of Ricardo. Yes”

Earplug Mag: “No.1 faves chart.”

Gamall (Planet E – NY): “ I love Minta’s Dance - great tool. Reminds me of Throbbing Gristle in a good way but usable in our techno world. Total head fuck track! And happy to see Villalobos finally did a remix that is not 14 min or over long. The more I've played the Villa mix the more I love it. ”

Giles Smith (Four:Twenty): “Really subtle and love all the subby bass drops and subtle dramatic strings that float over the groove. Nice. ”

Groove Mag (GER): “In den achtziger Jahren hat Stephen Nester als Slap eine Reihe legendärer elektronischer Alben produziert. Found Sounds und Synthesizerklänge verarbeitete er zu epischen, sehr dichten Soundscapes, andere Stücke sind allein aus perkussiven Elementen entwickelt. Für die hauseigene Prototypes-Serie hat Macro drei herausragende Stücke für eine EP zusammengestellt und Ricardo Villalobos beauftragt, eine der Nummern neu zu bearbeiten. Villalobos entwickelt aus brüchigen Drumsounds einen packenden Housegroove. Überraschenderweise erzeugen gerade die spröden Klänge und der weiträumige Aufbau des Tracks einen zwingenden, schwebenden Funk, Slaps Soundscapes arbeiten dabei subtil im Hintergrund. AW”

James Holden (Border Community: “Wow - the originals there are wonderfully mad. Really like it. Thanks!”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “cool soft cuts for the start of the night ”

Onur Özer (Vakant): “ Ricardo’s remix is brilliant as usual. It is a journey.”

Pascal F.E.O.S.: “ Geiles Teil von Ricardo!!”

Paulo Olarte (fresh fish/iebe: “Nice jorney on this one, villalobos remix great as usual, but the original sounds are fantastic, absolutly mad!”

Prins Thomas (Full Pupp): “ Loving this!”

Raresh (Arpiar/Cocoon): “This is an outstanding piece of music with a great deepness. Ricardo delivers once again for the soul and mind.”

Resident Advisor: “The second in Stefan Goldmann's "Prototypes" series, Slap's "Eden Now" is yet another obscure record, rescued from the dustbin of history and presented in a decidedly different context from which it was originally heard—complete with a remix tacked on at its end by an avant-garde leaning producer. (...) "Eden Now" itself is a top-shelf sonic oddball, summoning the great experimental irreverence that was the trademark of groundbreaking industrial-electronic acts like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. It's a self-contained short film: an urban rainstorm, police sirens, a dark jazz-noir of wandering bass warble and evocative trench-coat sax. Then the Raymond Chandler motif fades out into a claustrophobic tunnel of overlaid radio transmissions and hauntingly warped vocal samples, only to culminate in a coda of bass flutter and the deep-chested panting one might associate with the cathartic conclusion of some sudden, unspeakable horror. (...) As for Ricardo's role here, what might on the surface seem like as likely as, say, the chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table, turns out in practice to be a seamless intersection of older and contemporary creative energy. The moody meandering of the original "Eden Now" fits, with silken couture precision, into a distinctively skeletal Villalobos groove. The disorienting soundspace of spectral voices are here reduced to incidental cursory bursts, in order to give things over to a pulsing, bubbling mid-frequency ambient-dance remake of the original's dark fedora sonata. While Slap staged in one song a mini-three piece urban narrative of suspense, hallucinatory climax and unsettling aftermath, Villalobos' update sounds like an extended ride aboard the elevated train rattling across the background. Amid all the usual casual brilliance of Ricardo's production technique, the sonic highlight here is certainly the beautiful layer of shifting hi-frequency hisses, in which samples of rainfall become indistinguishable from layers of brushed cymbal taps. As a whole the track follows a side-winding cinematic build that doesn't reach a steady handclap-centered groove until almost nine minutes. It's one of Ricardo's more free-form "compositional" efforts and it recalls In A Silent Way-era Miles Davis in its lush, organic atmospheres and limber, burbling virtuosity. ”

The Wire (UK): “Tasked with translating Slap's setpieces for contemporary dancefloors, Ricardo Villalobos turns in one of his best remixes in recent memory, setting up out a lattice-like drum pattern into which he weaves verbatim snatches of Slap's composition, like so many creeping vines. It's a Villalobos at his most unfettered.”

Timo Maas: “ Musikalisch erste Sahne... zum Trippen subba!”

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