“The Rising Sap”

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Transmitting from the heart of the American Midwest, Skoozbot has rapidly gained a reputation for insightful techno futurism. His main preoccupation focuses on the interaction between humans and technology, especially the ability to capture split second emotions, recreate them using electronic sounds and then play them out over a six minute track, letting them evolve naturally albeit in sometimes unexpected directions. The Rising Sap contains a selection of tracks written during the transition from winter to spring as life returns to the surface of the planet bringing with it the most vibrant sensory experiences. In a sense these colours, fragrances and forms allow us to transcend time through memories and association and Skoozbot is driven to capture these precious fragments and examine them from all angles in the suspended animation that the minimal techno environment so perfectly creates.

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Groove Mag (GER): “Konsequente, schnörkellose Tracks, die auf alles verzichten, was nicht der Funktionalität dient. Warum ausgeklügelte Snaresounds? Braucht kein Mensch! Eine schlichte Electro-Keksdose tut es auch. Mehr als ein Hook-Element pro Track? Verschwendung! Das mag beim flotten Reinhören oder daheim im Lehnstuhl nicht recht zünden, aber im Club sind solche Tracks das dankbarste Handwerkszeug. Und „In Vacuo” mit Morse-Sound und dämonisch auf- und absteigenden Synthie-Schlieren hat sogar das Zeug zum Hit. SCH”

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