“Faze Part 2”

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There is the 2nd part of the Faze series from Sam Rouanet aka Reynold (boss of Trenton records) with one hell of a track called “straight into the Wall”, a straight up (real) shuffled groove with nice chords and a killer electro bass line! The remix from Till Vons Sein is definitely as good… Deeper. Great work from Till though, he is really on the ramp right now and we will see more of his work on the upcoming Trenton releases. Also a new signed artist on the label is Der Thal that is giving us a remixed version of the “Craft” tune from Reynold’s “faze part.1” recent EP. Finally a more “toolish” but still great remix from yappac & our boy daniel.fx, perfect for long ass sets and after parties freaks… We call that a HIT record right??? Unless the grand spheres of electronic dance music and the “suppose to be“ specialized Press decided otherwise… but even then, we don’t really give a Shit! As Usual… Thanks for your support… Peace

TREN027 in the media

3 Channels / Catz n' Dogz: “great remixes here from till and yapacc&daniel.fx”

bearweasel (supernature): “ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best Trenton release ever, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Claude v Stroke Dirty Bird_Mot: “A1: cool sound and good groove. will play cvs”

DJ Flux (Radio Helsinki): “tracks! I especially liked the Yapacc&daniel.fx rmx of "Straight Into The Wall". Quality for the intelligent floor.”

Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): “I was going to be very mean on my comment on this record...until i heard A2 which in my opinion saves this release, nice deep funky track”

Ivan Smagghe: “ wow, this sounds amazing...full support!”

jussi pekka (frozen north): “thanks for the hint, nice release! my favs are the original Straight into the wall and the yapacc&daniel.fx -remix. just great good mood groovy funkers!”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “a1 ist der track für mich. passt sehr gut zum anfang meiner sets. ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “realy like the A2 track and track B1 this is another good one on Trenton”

Mike Monday (Playtime-London): “Lovely TVS remix, but my favourite on this is the Yappac & Daniel FX remix - really funky, especialy when the snare drops. Got my ass wiggling hard this morning.”

patrick bateman (tic tac toe): “Support on Tills remix from me.”

Paulo Olarte (fresh fish/iebe: “ Very nice stuff here, originals and remixes are great.”

terre thaemlitz (comatonse rec: “wow, what a great record!!! :D i'll have to track this down!”

Tom Mangan (Deadset): “really liking the digi only mix here, nice to hear someone who can make so few elements sound so good”

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