Dirty Bee

“Deep In Need”

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Cat. No.ROOTS1025
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Mysterious and most of all VINYL ONLY whitelabels seem to be the call of the day. If they are as good as this one here i have no doubt - this trend will stay our fried. Open produced bassy and sweat boxing, slamming ChicagoDetroitChicago style House with great piano chord and slight pitched atmosphere. Somehow between early Chez N Ron and Roy Davis , Dj Pierre, Kerri, Mood2 Swing, Nu Groove, Kot. Now i´ve almost Named them all. Oops… . Sinister but Oh so sexy!

ROOTS1025 in the media

Paulo Olarte (fresh fish/liebe: “deep indeed“: Totally in love with this record, will gonna play it on and on... ”

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