Marc Antona

“Simple Venus”

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Marc Antona takes his second release on mobilee to the next level with „Simple Venus“. Terrestrial in form, the outside layer of this track is simple and incomplex with smooth surfaces and solid beats. Listen deeper and you will find yourself in a world of sulphuric acid movements and soft carbon rhythms in the background. Don’t be fooled, this B-line is not to be taken lightly, it’s poisonous cycles of highs and lows and ins and outs keep its dancers in a metric utopia until the very end. Similar to the demands of the venus, „Give Me Flowers“, dictates its track with intervals of sequential rhythmic intensity. This number progresses slowly collecting sounds of perfectly timed chimes, synergistic pings and pangs and various alphabetical lines, spelling only a bouquet of organic movements.

MOBILEE044 in the media

Giles Smith secretsundaze / D: “solid club tracks. Cool bassline for sure on "Simple Venus". ”

2000 and one (Intacto): “nice groovey house track by marc. realy love it.”

And.Id: “ "diggin' both sides!"”

Anthony Collins (Liebe*Detail/: “ simple venus is tight !!!! marc rocks”

Dan Curtin (Tuningspork/Leena): “ "Excellent deep and driving builder, both tracks have mood and personality and both tracks rock! Full Support!"”

Dave DK (Moodmusic): “Simple Venus is a great minimal-housy bomb! ”

Dave Ellesmere (Intacto): “love this new release !!! deep and hypnotic solid and pumping .... a-side is my favourite a big fan of marc antona!!!”

Dave Mothersole (London): “ "really like this, especially 'give me flowers'."”

dj Nori / Posivision mag (JP): “Audience feedback is not-yet...will play in this weekend & My dj UK tour!! Give me flowers : nice deep grrove!!expect synergistic effects of Function one system!! Simple venus_new mix : i felt smoothness in sound,rhythmical & Audience will feel a comfortable dancing!! All the best. ”

D\'julz (Pokerflat): “i'll play simple venus, very cool beats ”

Franck Roger (Real Tone): “ "im really feelin the simple venus track, nce groove on it , edit is dope too !"”

James Huxley (Pulse Radio): “ "Simple Venus is off the chain. Full support, Marc is a LEGEND."”

James Huxley (Pulse Radio): “ "Simple Venus is off the chain. Full support, Marc is a LEGEND."”

Jimpster (Freerange): “thanks a lot for the new one. Loving it! Give me Flowers is the pick for me with that lo-slung groove and warped fx stuff. definitely be hammering this. ”

Joris Voorn: “Really like simple venus!”

Karotte (Cocoon / Great Stuff): “give me flowers ist der track für mich. full support.”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “give me flowers ist der track für mich. full support.”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “the B side is the one for me Great ”

Monika Kruse: “die mobilee 44 ist ne grossartige platte! werde ich charten.”

Raveline: “Nach dem bereits vielversprechenden Debüt, haben wir hier nun die zweite Platte von Marc Antona auf Mobilee Records. „Simple Venus“ stützt sich auf ein in der Tat recht einfach gehaltenes, dennoch knackig und solide aufgebautes Rhythmusgeflecht. Getrieben von samtig-schweren Chords steuert es alsbald in kühl und spacig rauschende Frequenzflächen, die knisternd durch die Gehörgänge zischen. Auf der Flip gibt es mit „Give Me Flowers“ einen freundlich verspielten Track mit niedlich-quirliger Synthline, die durch einen organischen Groove manövriert und gegen Ende noch einen kurzen, erfrischenden Abstecher in einen mit flirrenden Chimes versehenen Break unternimmt. Schönes Follow Up! ”

Someone Else (Foundsound): “ "I'm feeling this one. thanks!"”

Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut): “ "give me flowers find ich sehr sehr gut. deep und trotzdem extrem rockendes brett. mann mann mann....knaller."”

Stephan Hinz (Audiomatique/Kli: “ "Love that one - especially Give Me Flowers is awesome. Will definitely play it out loud."”

Tigerstripes: “ "Simple Venus got the groove"”

Tom Clark (Highgrade): “full suport !”

Woody (Fumakilla): “full support 4 give me flowers!”

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