Marco Carola

“Bloody Cash”

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Marco Carolaís string of recent releases on Plus8 and his own 2M imprint are now effortlessly hurtling forward under the weight of their own momentum and the Bloody Cash EP shows no sign of relenting. In fact if itís possible, this collection of four new combustible tunes adds another dimension to his already substantial repertoire. On the title track Bloody Cash, Carola immediately shows his intent, letting fly with a spiraling tribal groove full of bright, crisp percussive elements that stretch skywards towards the sun. The tough, earthy beats keep everything rooted to the ground as he taps into some age-old hedonistic urge, creating a universal groove that rolls out across the oceans before breaking on the shores of each continent with an all encompassing call to dance. The main body of the track incorporates a straight synth stab doused in reverb that sets the scene for the finely crafted main keyboard riff, which is an accomplishment in itself. Alternating between two complimentary parts, it elevates the backing track to another level. Perfectly balanced and enhanced for maximum danceability, itís without doubt one of Carolaís finest works to date.

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