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“Iminent Ep”

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Venezuelan producer Argenis Brito graces us with his sophomore Cadenza release, the ‘Imminent EP’. Renowned for his role as lead vocalist for Senor Coconut as well as his collaborative projects with artists as decorated as Luciano, Pier Bucci, Jay Haze and Samim, the multi-talented Argenis’ solo work comes with some pedigree. Resident in Berlin since 2004, his distinctly latin interpretation of house is a step ahead of the game, with prior releases on Junion and Cadenza animating floors with that inimitable South American fervour. Title track ‘Imminent’ is a playful affair,with bouncing bass and a shimmering synth melody dancing around the kick. Intoxicating and funked up, the melodies call and respond in a fragmented conversation while pulsing echoed tones add depth to the mix. ‘Mind Body Soul’ stutters into a complex percussive pattern, coloured by warm keys and blocks of bass tone. Funky is the word, as a distorted vocal directs bodies to the floor. Deep and immersive, dark melodic synth movements plunge us into a sweaty and cathartic house hole. On the flip, ‘Lolipop’ combines electro and house elements into one cheeky dance with the devil. Bubbling bass flows under cascading melodic synth, as fat percussion crunches around sharp vocal bursts. Slick and futuristic, this is for that time of the night where looking backwards is not an option.Closing the EP, ‘Unreality’ is as deep as they come. Warm and uncompromising key stabs pulsate over a no-nonsense bass drive, accented by harmonising clav tones. Living up to it’s moniker, the resonant melodies and hypnotic pace conspire to transcendental effect.

CADENZA31 in the media

: “"Imminent" is the better of the tracks with its Chicago influenced bumpin groove but just not feelin some of those high end grating keys on other tracks.”

Adultnapper Audiomatique: “Really digging this ep, especially A2. Nice dubby feel. Looking forward to playing. Thanks.”

Craig Richards (Fabric): “I love this record. Simple, groovy and as wierd as you want it to be. four great tracks.”

D''julz (Pokerflat): “imminent is dope !”

D''julz (Pokerflat): “imminent is dope !”

Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): “...nice record, all mixes sound interresting”

Groove Mag (GER): “Derweil hat Argenis Brito einen komplexen Vier-Tracker am Start, der mit deepen Wendungen überrascht. Hier ist für fast jeden etwas dabei. ”

Karotte [Cocoon, Great Stuff]: “Beide tracks von der a seite find ich gut. werden gespielt.”

Raveline: “Wer jetzt denkt: „Argenis Brito? Kennsch net!“ Der irrt gewaltig. Wir alle haben doch noch seine Stimme im Ohr wie er für Senor Coconut unter anderem den „Smooth Operator“ sang. Aber auch von diversen Kollaborationen mit Größen wie Luciano, Jay Haze oder Samin könnte man ihn kennen. Für Cadenza liefert er mit dieser EP ein kleines Meisterwerk des minimalen Technos ab, wobei er aber nie die Balance zwischen minimal-, techno- und houseklängen aus den Augen lässt. Mit verspielten Fx-Sounds, vereinzelt eingestreuten Vocalfetzen und Synthiespromplern sowie dem äußerst tanzbar gestalteten Arrangement, wird er für einige Aufregung sorgen”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “funky stuff! full support.”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “nice one. a bit dry but i like the music.. ”

Woody (Fumakilla): “ola cadenza, really cool stuff..! ”

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