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Almost 20 years on from the original release of D.H.S.‘s classic, ‚The House of God‘, (DHS = Dimensional Holofonic Sound) is back to guide us and persuade us once again. Championed in Germany by Techno innovators such as Sven Väth in the golden age of 1989/1990, the track quickly reached cult status and is a true example of the power and magic of this music form. DHS is the techno alias of San Francisco based electronic musician and member of the Meat Beat Manifesto, Ben Stokes. Heading up this exciting new package, to celebrate 100 releases of Poker Flat Recordings, we‘ve got three new mixes to inspire the mind and captivate the senses, starting with a topform remix from central Dessous and Poker Flat artist Phonique. Phonique‘s name is a regular and highly respected one amongst both DJs and clubbers and really needs no introduction… ‚Mr. Good Idea‘ presents his vision of ‚House of God‘ as a cheeky, modern jacking track, complete with climbing, squelching basslines and tweaked out FX spinning around those infamous siren stabs and the classic vocal. Its a high-energy remix that will leave the dancefloor totally breathless! Phonique loved the orginal so much he made this remix independently, but when Steve Bug heard it, it was time to resurrect this timeless track and bring it to a new audience. Martin Landsky is also on hand with another stunning remx. Landsky, who enjoyed recent success with his last bomb on Poker Flat - ‚Man High‘ - is also central to the label‘s sound and continues to promote it here with his deep and powerful club remix. Its a bass energy monster that chugs along with the just right contrast between darkness and salvation. This time DHS has updated his original version with a very special modern interpretation of his self-made milestone in house and techno history. Chunky, functional and minimal inspired beats pump as the mystery preacher works his magic… leading us through many exciting passages of dark, house energy! A: House Of God (Ph

PFR100 in the media

karotte: “der martin landsky rmx ist großartig. da rockt mein dancefloor. full support.”

Benno Blome: “love the phonique rmx! 5/5”

Boris Dlugosch: “As a big Fan of the Original I was still dropping it from time to time in my sets. The 20 Years DHS Mix is the One for me as well as Phoniques Mix is! Love it! 5/5”

C-Rock: “nice re-issue, although, honestly: nothing can beat the original ;) out of these three it's Martin and DHS' remix for me. 4/5”

Charts: “DDC # 25”

electronicmusic.pl: “Minęło ponad 10 lat, od kiedy Steve Bug wystartował z labetem Poker Flat. W listopadzie, nakładem tej oficyny, w sklepach pojawi się płyta opatrzona numerem katalogowym PFR100. Bug przygotował oczywiście coś specjalnego na tę okazję. Setnym releasem Poker Flat będzie zbiór nowych remiksów prawie już 20-letniego, niekwestionowanego hitu: DHS - House Of God. DHS (Dimensional Holofonic Sound) to alias amerykańskiego producenta z San Francisco - Bena Stokesa. W końcu lat 80-tych, w czasach gdy acid house i rave zdobywał popularność, jego produkcja “House of God” znajdowała się w torbie chyba każdego dja i szybko zdobyła status kultowego utworu. Pomysłodawcą całego przedsięwzięcia jest” Mr. Good Idea”, czyli Phonique, który z ogromnej sympatii do tego klasyka postanowił stworzyć własny remiks. Kiedy Steve Bug usłyszał tę produkcję, wszystko było już jasne, nadszedł czas, aby wskrzesić moc tkwiącą w tym utworze. Epkę zasilił swoim głębokim remiksem również Martin Landsky, postać bardzo dobrze znana fanom Poker Flata. Niespodzianką jest zapewne dodatek od twórcy oryginału „House of God” i jego własna, nowoczesna reinterpretacja w 20 years DHS remix. Sampli utworów można posłuchać na stronie labelu Poker Flat.”

Emerson: “martin landsky remix all the way fuckin hell is das ne bombe, warum hab ich den jetzt erst entdeckt,.... 5/5”

F.E.X.: “unbelieveble, i love the 3 mixes, i will play them all, and for sure support them 4/5”

James Flavour / Dirt Crew: “i like the new mixes. support !!!!!! 4/5”

John Tejada: “such a cool 100th release! all the mixes are very good. phonique's is very funky/swingy and energetic, martin's is a bit deeper but just as cool in a different direction. the 20 years dhs remix is a great surprise though. it's very cool and tweaky. 5/5”

Kasper Bjørke / Filur: “This is great! Will play all versions but favorite is the 20 year DHS remix - really cool atmos. 4/5”

M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical): “exiting package! phonique is big time. 5/5”

Makossa: “like the m.landsky rx most, will play it 4/5”

Martin Eyerer: “ultra phat package! all mixes are great. 4/5”

Martin Landsky: “wow, what a great record ;-)))))) 5/5”

Mijk Van Dijk: “Love the DHS-Mix- Another Future Classic! 4/5”

Miss Kittin: “20 years of one of my most played track of all times!!! Happy b-day... 5/5”

Miss Kittin: “20 years of one of my most played track of all times!!! Happy b-day... 5/5”

nitestylez.de: “It's been 20 years from now since the Dimensional Holofonic Sound or D.H.S. as the project of Meat Beat Manifesto's Ben Stokes is commonly known released the instant Techno classic "House Of God" which is now put on the circuit again to celebrate Poker Flat Recordings' 100th 12" release. Yes, that's three digit now and a big achievement within the music industry, especially for an independently run label. Three versions are to be found here - Phonique is coming up with a nice, partly jackin' tune that features ultra-dry bassdrums and a huge warm bassline embracing everyone dancing, Martin Landsky turns the whole thang into a deep, hypnotic tune, adding up some nice athmospheric samples and a bassline referring to the Munich- / Moroder-era and - last not least - we'll have D.H.S. himself delivering a 2008 update, as raw and hypnotic as the original version and defo one that still is granted to rock anyone out there, no matter if brought up and the Techno sounds of day zero or just expploring the scence as a youngster. Get. Buy. Quick.”

P.Toile: “Great Phonique / Krueger mix.. we love.. 5/5”

Patrick Chardronnet: “great tune!!! from martin!!! 4/5”

Patrick, M.A.N.D.Y.: “exiting package! phonique is big time. 5/5”

Raveline: “So sollten Gottesdienste klingen. House Tune of the Month!”

raveline.de: “Steve Bugs Labe Poker Flat feiert noch in diesem Monat sein 100. Release, und das mit einem Remix-Paket des 1990 erschienenen Klassikers "House of God" von DHS aka Dimensional Holofonic Sound. Hinter DHS verbirgt sich der in San Francisco beheimatete Ben Stokes. Er produzierte den Track Ende der 80er, insipriert vom damals gerade in die Gänge kommenden Acid House, und schrieb damit Musikgeschichte. Das Hamburger Imprint liefert auf einer 12Inch jetzt drei Remixe von Phonique, Matrin Landsky (s. Bild) und Stokes selbst, der seinen Track noch einmal überarbeitete. Erhältlich ist das Teil ab dem 21. November.”

residentadvisor.net: “Steve Bug's Poker Flat label will reach their milestone 100th release later this month with a remix package of DHS's 1990 classic "House Of God." DHS (or Dimensional Holofonic Sound, to give its full title) is the techno alias of San Francisco-based Ben Stokes. He created the track in 1989 after being inspired by the acid house that was being made around him. At the time of release, it was championed by DJs such as Sven Väth, but also became a big hit on the UK rave scene. Steve Bug has put together a 12-inch of three remixes to celebrate Poker Flat's 100th release, but the man responsible for the idea was one of the remixers, Phonique. He loved the track so much that he put together his own remix independently, and when Steve heard it, he decided to put it out. Martin Landsky also contributes a deep, dark mix, while DHS rounds off the release with an updated version of his own dancefloor anthem. Poker Flat will release House Of God (Poker Flat Remixes) on November 21st.”

Sasse: “oh nice to see this coming out finally, got this ages ago from phonique and been playing it since on almost every gig, a fucking BOMB !!!! the other remixes are also top notch, this will be huge !”

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