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Let’s have a big round of applause for … triplet fever! The Third Room is back - not without a reason, of course: on the brink of the tenth anniversary of his uber-smasher HALE BOPP, Andreas Krüger steps up to send his classic’s timeless hookline on a wild journey into the past. SWING BOP is the name of the splendid result, bringing back memories only our grandparents could actually have. Berlin in the 1920s: a brief eruption of hedonism, manifesting in galloping creativity, a pulsating nightlife and cocaine being sold on almost every street corner, before the Great Depression and rising fascism put a sudden end to this burlesque bustle. The groove and glamour of past days have fascinated Krüger long before the birth of The Third Room. For lack of an orchestra, he trades his motorcycle for a Sequential Prophet 2002 Sampler in the mid-eighties, using this device to sample sounds from swing shellacs he inherited and taking first steps in that direction long before it became popular. At the beginning of the nineties, Krüger starts his project The Third Room, instantly achieving worldwide prestige within the world of techno. His dedication for the swing-typical triplet feeling steps aside for a while and only finds its way back into his musical world at the end of 2007. Inspired by a wild night full of YouTube videos of modern swing orchestras, he jauntily covers himself and resurrects his world hit HALE BOPP in a truly extravagant new outfit. Starting with a couple of test runs during his famous live acts, soon a few DJs get the chance to try out SWING BOP’s explosive qualities on ecstatic dancefloors. Countless requests and ecstatic feedback support Krüger’s decision to release this charming revenant. After engaging Berlin-based Andreas Ernst to bring in clarinet and saxophone and performing a friendly take-over of the hamburg-based electro imprint SAVE TO DISC it is now about to happen: The triplet fever is going to infect the dancefloors worldwide.

STD101 in the media

hausmann c (fresh fish rec): “funny welldone remake from halebop - perfect for b-daypartys to play!!! support”

Giles Smith (Secret Sundaze): “Hehehe can see this throwing up some smiles and its well done...”

Groove Mag (GER): “Sehr fein, dieser Dritte Raum, der so lange ich denken kann vorne mitmischt und doch immer wieder überrascht. „Swing Bop“ heißt das Stück in zwei Versionen, die sich wie der Titel schon bekennt, aus geloopten Samples (und einer tatsächlich eingespielten Klarinette) des weißen Ablegers von Jazz und Dixieland speisen, inhaltlich jedoch den hauseigenen Klassiker „Hale Bopp“ herbeizitieren. Techno aus einer Zeit, in der der Hut Teil des Anzugs war und der Akt des Tanzes nach festen Codes paarweise ausgeführt wurde. Mit dem Rhythmus etwas akzentuierter im Vordergrund, dem Swing aber nach wie vor als treibender Kraft, ist diese Forderung nach Sohle auf Parkett die vielleicht eleganteste dieser Tage. TEM”

IDJ Magazine: “Feeling a little blue in these tough times? Fear not, for the mighty Der Dritte Raum have returned with this irascibly cheering swingtime-techno anthem that’s guaranteed to blow out those cobwebs, featuring a brilliantly daft horn section that’s more Borat than Berghain . Cheesy as hell? Maybe. The most fun techno’s had since ‘Heater’? Definitely. ”

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “Stück werde ich auf jeden Fall an Silvester spielen.. Die wäre in den 20er Jahren des letzten Hajrhunderts sicher der Riesen-Hit gewesen!”

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