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“Mentona Ep”

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Der Thal is been playing all over Germany and he’s been trying to build up his own sound and skills. After making a great remix of Reynold’s track “Craft” on Trenton 027 he is now giving us 3 great tracks for a full Maxi. Mentona EP is a bit of a journey into what Trenton use to be about at the very beginning with a techno that is very close to the old school Detroit vibe… In Der Thal’s music there are a lot of melodic sounds and tough tight beats to keep us on the ground. “Mentona” and “Maszo” are floating on air with strings and synth lines when “Puston” reminds us more of some “tejada” grooves! A great EP anyway from Der Thal who is definitely on the way to become one of these great young gifted producers that care about music mainly.

TREN028 in the media

dan curtin: “great sounds, was surprised to hear such nice melodic techno”

Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): “nice old school deep house record, B2 is my favorite so far”

electric indigo: “wow, super nice release! i will paly it. just love those groovy stuff ”

Garnica/Galaktika Records: “'mentona' is my fav... i like the mood on 'posten' ”

Giles Smith (Secret Sundaze): “Definitely my favourite release on Trenton form some time with a focussed 3 tracker all nodding towards the smoother Detroit sound. “Mentona” is all scratchy 808 percussion high in the mix and some quirky acidic melodic flourishes that hint at mayhem but never go too far showing good restraint. “Maszo” goes even deeper with its hypnotic, pulsing chordey riff making it the perfect sunrise soundtrack. Last up “Puston” doesn’t exactly chnge tact but with a more chiry bassline melody and use of high hats manages to keep the deepness of the other two tracks but injects it with a little energy making it the most playable of the tracks. Good stuff.”

jussi pekka (frozen north): “B1 is just great superdeep sweetness! :) others are just a bit too old-school for me.. but b1 is amazing... yes, oldie too, but really nam nam! :D”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “a1 finde ich mal wieder klasse. groovt gut. läuft.”

Loco Dice (Desolat): “One of my faves!”

Muallem: “"Maszo" by der Thal is a hell of a track! KILLER!”

pheek: “this release is awesome :) Will support for sure!!!!”

Raveline: “Neulich hat er noch Reynolds „Craft“ geremixt (und damit durchaus auch bereichert), schon feiert er sein Solodebüt auf Trenton: Hans Thalau aka Der Thal. Der Titeltrack überzeugt auf ganzer Linie durch eine Mischung aus modernem, blumigem Deephouse mit fließenden Synthharmonien und dem speziellen Detroit-Oldschoolvibe. Mittendrin flackern auch noch ein paar neckische Acidstrukturen auf, die für bekömmliche Aufrauung sorgen. Sehr zu empfehlen! „Maszo“ schließt sich dieser Atmosphäre an und surft auf einer warmen Soundwoge daher. Im direkten Vergleich fällt es aber definitiv etwas ab. „Puston“ schlägt schließlich einen flink funkigen Weg ein, steht sich mit seiner Abgehacktheit aber selbst ein wenig im Wege. Für A: 5 Points Achim ”

signal deluxe (mexico): “very nice deep house stuff, great for the ladies ;) we love "mentona" defenitely our favourite track her ”

Terre aka DJ Sprinkles: “Trenton's recent releases have surprised the hell out of this old-school NY Deep House DJ by reinvoking that cherished era between '91 and '93, before the borders between techno and house had been walled up like old Berlin. Reynold's Faze 1 and Faze 2 EP's arise from the rubble of old Detroit, or is it Chicago or New Jersey? (Dare I mention Italy?) I'd love a 10 minute dub of the intro to "Poison in My Mind." In fact, I'll probably edit that myself for my sets. And then Der Thal's "Montana EP" arrives to be mixed with Chicago classics. Thanks, Trenton!”

tomaz (switch, studio brussels: “Love the EP with Mentona as my favourite. Excellent deep tracks. Full support from me !”

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