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Daniel “Blackbelt” Andersen has been active in the Norwegian dance music community for a number of years. He got into electronic dance music in the early 90’s, and first started emulating the sound of Detroit techno on his father’s home computer. In the last half of the decade he bought his first turntables and a mixer, and was soon DJ’ing around Oslo. His first releases were on Canadian label Restructured Recordings and Prins Thomas’ first label Tamburin, under the name Kalle Magnus & Daniel, a collaboration with his childhood friends Kalle Sandås and Magnus “International” Sheehan. Through the last years he’s enjoyed success with his releases on Full Pupp, Trailerpark and Claremont 56 and recently remixes for fellow Norwegians Fjordfunk and the lowlands disco kings the Glimmers. His productions has licensed to a number of compilations like MOS Balearica(yes, a shit name…we know…) The Glimmers Fabric Live 31. He’s a co-resident on the monthly Full Pupp Oslo and has also had a number of international DJ gigs from Berlin to Beijing. The Blackbelt sound can be described as Juan Atkins jamming with Airto Moreira, with a bit of Larry Levan thrown in for good measure. His first album is a just prime example for the aforementioned - a highly infectious mix of motor city strings, slight Brazilian rhythms and arpeggiated disco basslines… a 70+ minute potpourri of songs blended each other and in the process actually turning into THE dancealbum of 2009(much like the 70’s Non stop dance party-style compilations….) Check the incredible “Ditrait” (hmm…what could that be?) , the spine shivering(and bowel shivering we might add) “Kuk Av Stal", the Thomas Dolbyesque “November” and the Future Classic “Sandoz” as an example. I know we might be blowing our cool by blowing our own horns, but it´s hard not to get excited listening to this brilliant masterpiece. Toot toot toot!!!!

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