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“Phosphenes, Efdemin Rmx!”

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With releases on Moon Harbour, Curl Curl, Railyard and his Poker Flat debut „The Whisper Had It“ last year, Simon Flower is one of New Zealand‘s top exports. Now he‘s back with two more slabs of irrepressible dancefloor action, complete with a slow burning deep-techno remix by Berlin‘s own Efdemin. ‚Phosphenes‘ is a pacy, chemically induced affair into the darker eschews of Flower‘s production techniques. Sinister background atmospheres churn beneath a strong kick and wonderful stuttering micro elements. The track builds with true style to release a huge bassline that drives the dark-funk energy forward with intensity and urgency. The much praised Berlin based producer Efdemin has more than proved his talents over the past years, with a fantastic album on Dial and further solo EP‘s, or with his partner RNDM, as their more freestyle techno project, Pigon. Here Efdemin follows a long driving, dub-bass heavy approach which will fit well across the board as its paranoid, edgy atmospheres and body shaking grooves dominate the floor. Its a strong hypnotic big-club vibe thats upheld until the dramatic yet reduced final resolution. Finally the almost self explanatory ‚Late Night‘ is a pumping, jumping groover that sums up the busier side of Poker Flat‘s sound perfectly. Intricate, multi-layered percussion and fx slide over a tough bottom end whose bass grinds throughout the track. Its an energetic, clever tool track that will once again find its way into many different styles of DJ sets, thanks to its rich and clever fusion of sounds and genres. A: Phosphenes B1: Phosphenes (Efdemin remix) B2: Late Night

PFR101 in the media

Laurent Garnier (F Com): “nice organic funkyness by Efdemin will play of course”

Sebo K (Mobilee): “efdemin's remix is the one for me! full support.”

Adultnapper (Audiomatique): “This release destroys. Love it. The original is an instant classic. Can imagine playing this years from now. ”

Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur): “ Efdemin's remix is a massive Killer. Goes directly in my charts for February! Late Night is also very nice! But full points for the remix! 5/5”

Alexi Delano (Frankie): “ "Late night" and the "Efdemin Remix" are the ones for me! :)”

Ante Perry (Moonbootique): “ Both mixes of Phosphenes are great!”

Anthony Collins (Get Physical): “ efdemin remix is nice”

Audio Soul Project (Fresh Meat: “ On first listen the Efdemin Remix stands out most clearly. Both sonically and musically this version seems the most clear in intent to my ears. It'll rock the system too!”

Bearweasel (8Bit): “as usual, the Efdemin remix is fantastic! Late night is tickling my fancy too! ”

Ben Watt (Buzzin Fly): “ ugly guitar chops drive the efdemin mix to 6am nirvana. nice.”

Benno Blome (Sender): “ really like the remix! 5/5”

Brothers' Vibe (Mixx): “ The Efdemin remix is off the hook! Def into the dark mood, beats - nice one! ”

C-Rock (Cocoon Club): “ sensationeller maurizio gedenkmix vom effe!”

Chloé (Kill The DJ): “ Phosphenes is good, Efdemin rmx too!”

Danny Tenaglia (Silver Label): “ Late Night for me”

Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): “Efdemin's remix is dope! i did not receive this and would love to have it thanks C”

Dubfire (Deep Dish): “ 5/5!!!”

Gamal Kabar (Poker Flat): “ its EFDERMIN for me here for sure dark as the night it self wicked '-)”

Giles Smith (Four:Twenty): “ Like Efdemin's dark, brooding heads down mix.”

Jimpster (Freerange): “ Loving the Efdemin mix.”

Joel Mull (Audiomatique): “ Hey!! Loving the Efdemin remix. Dark & Twisted just like we like it. Late night is also very nice. Funky roller. Will support these 2 tracks!! Strong release.”

John Digweed (Bedrock): “ good stuff ”

Joris Voorn (Rejected): “ Very nice Efdemin mix! ”

Josh Wink (Ovum): “ All about the Efdemin rmx for me! Hypnotic!”

Jussi-Pekka (Frozen North): “ can't decide which is better: the remix or "late night" .. nevertheless, a solid ep which moves poker flat more into the direction I personally like :) ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “efdemin rmx und b1 sind der hammer. i love it.”

M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical): “charted on place 1 at ;o)”

Marco Resmann (Upon You): “ i like the reduced efdemin interpretation of phosphenes. looking forward to play it loud.”

Markus Kavka (MTV, Berlin): “ top release! das original find ich super, der efdemin rmx ist mindestens genau so gut. sehr düster, sehr trickreich, werde ich beides spielen. ”

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong): “ best pf for a while!will play for sure.”

Martin Landsky (Poker Flat): “ i like the original with it´s super dark mood and the bumping rhythm... ”

Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware): “ der breakdown ist cool! latenight - guter track, mein favorit. schön funky + vielschichtig.werde ich spielen!”

Mijk van Dijk (Gigolo): “ Super Efdemin Remix!”

Oliver Huntemann (Ideal): “Original is rank 2 in my february charts!!!! Great track!”

P.Toile (Mothership): “ efdemin remix is nice.. ;)”

Pascal FEOS (Level Non Zero): “ passen alle 3 in mein set!”

Patrick Zigon (Tanzbar): “ Great EP! My favourite is Efdemins Mix! ”

Peter Kruder (G-Stone): “ Phosphenes Original is great dark twisted piece of a tune. Straight into my box.”

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee): “ fantastic! the efdemin remix is it... and onesheet is nice, too... ;)”

Raveline: “Herr im Himmel! Jetzt geht Neuseelands Simon Flower aber in die Vollen und liefert mit "Phosphenes" ein wahres Monster von einem Track. Metallische Peitschenschnüre sorgen hier gleich zu Beginn für ein unheimliches Setting. Vorsichtig tastet sich die Bassdrum in die nassschwitztige Dunkelheit vor, ehe abrupt eine düstere Mörderbassline dropt, die einen intensiven, acidschwangeren Funk heraufbeschwört, in dem man von mikroskopisch kleinen Soundpartikeln mehr und mehr bedrängt wird, bis der Track schließlich in einem fauchend-hallenden Breakdown verreckt. Minimaler gestaltet sich Efdemins Bearbeitung, die in einem deepen, sehr körperbetonten Groove fesselt und auf einen anschwellenden Break hin angelegt ist. Ebenfalls sehr gut! Zu guter Letzt schließt "Late Night" die Platte mit knackig aufgeschütteten Percussions und slidenden Effekten in kraftvoll bollernder Manier ab. Poker Flat ganz groß! (6/6, Raveline 02.2009)”

Sian (Aus): “ efdemin mix is killer,totally what i play,dark,sublime and ice cold. 5/5”

Thomas Schumacher (Get Physica: “ The Efedemin Remix is right up my street. I love it. I really do.”

Tsugi Mag (France): “C’est sombre et anxiogène, mais ça ne fait pas plus mal que ça. Au mieux, ça irrite. Rien à voir avec le remix d’Efdemin, qui transforme cette parodie de dark house en une plage dubby tout aussi noire, mais épaisse et magnétique.”

Will Saul (Simple): “ Superb release. Difficult to pick a favorite between Phosphenes and eth efdemin mix. They are very different but equally strong.”

Woody: “great efdemin rmx! played many timez in my sets.thanks, w. ”

Xenia Beliayeva (Datapunk): “ Burner!”

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