Dan Curtin

“Beat Fiend”

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Dan Curtin is back and banging drums! His A-side, „Beat Fiend,“ is right on the nose! A sole drummer in a transcendental musical village warmly welcomes the listener followed by several hollow rolling drums as pied piper ravels and whirls through the village. Pressure and tension build up through various woodwinds and percussion as instrument-armed villagers pour out into empty alleys in synchronized dance motions spreading revolutionary joy throughout the ceremonial voyage. Listen closely, a single faded hip-hop lyricist leads the people to a full blown dance party. This track effectively plays the puppeteer to anyone listening; manipulating and leaving no limbs to rest. The B-side, „Amphibian,“ sets a more tragic and mellow tone. Rolling keyboards and flaring rockets soar through this track creating a virtual battle ground of disturbed vocals and twisted souls. The main drum beat creates a ceaseless flow throughout a chaotic story introducing ghosts of past, present and future. Dan decided to veer away from „the usual“ with this creation; a track that seeps only into the deepest darkest thoughts of the listener.

MOBILEE047 in the media

Anja Schneider: “Played "La Luna" @ Dance Under The Blue Moon, Fritz Radio 102,6 Mhz.”

Anthony Collins: “i like beat fiend!! well done”

CatznDogz (Mothership): “I like that one! will play it”

Darko Esser: “Very nice and hypnotic track from Dan Curtin.”

Dave DK: “Great Release here by Dan, “Amphibian” is my hit on this release, hypnotic tunes at it’s best! In my January chart!"”

Dave Turov: “Most Excellent. Dan can do no wrong. Both tracks are delicious.”

David Squillace: “Great track. Nice one from Dan.”

Dj= Deep (Deeply Rooted): “A1 is the one for me, really interresting! And i did not receive this either”

Dominik Eulberg: “Great Pumpin Killa. ”

Falko Brocksieper: “His LEENA release belonging to my Top5 records of 2008, Dan does it again here..! His stuff stands out, is very original, and documents his remarkable history in techno.”

Franck Roger: “thanxx for the dan ep.. im diggin the amphibbian track.. sound like some japanese screaming right there lololoo”

Funk DVoid: “Definite Player. Like it. ”

Justin Robertson: “Good Stuff! ”

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “solide schöne nummer von dan. wird gespielt und geliebt.”

Kiki (BPitch): “Habe es schon vor eine weile bekommen und “marsupial” gerade im resident advisor gechartet! super platte! ”

Kiki (BPitch): “Deep ´n nice”

Matt Tolfrey: “Dan has been up there for a while when it comes to his studio work and he will be around for a good while to come.”

Nic Fanciulli: “Will play ”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “good release”

Paco Osuna (Plus 8): “I like this track. Very groovy and i like the melody. ”

Ralph Lawson: “Solid. Like it! ”

Ralph Lawson (20/20 Vision): “Like both of them. ”

Reynold (Trenton Rec.): “ Great release from Dan here.. I have to say that despite the fact that it would seem that everybody thinks that just putting bongos on a straight minimal track makes it funky... which is a total non sense.. You need the Funk... and so I am glad to finally hear someone that makes a percussion track with soul!!! But then again Dan is straight up Cleveland Midwest so.. what do you expect??? Will definitely play and chart.. full support from me!”

Stephan Bodzin: “Great Release. Full Support. ”

Tsugi Mag (France): “Avec le morceau “Beat Fiend”, Dan Curtin nous envoûte littéralement avec ses sons hypnotiques, son beat funky et sa rythmique minimale. Même combat sur “Amphibian” où le ton se veut à la fois deep et dark. Des compositions bien prenantes qui prennent tout leur sens après plusieurs écoutes.”

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