Marco Carola

“The Tribe”

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One thing thatís been a constant factor of Marco Carolaís releases over the last couple of years is the ability to seamlessly integrate breaks and beats into his productions, giving them an unmistakeable feel that sets him apart from his contemporaries. More than just relaxing the sometimes overbearing grip of the 4/4 kick to let the abstract, micro-funk of his rhythm sections seep through, it pays homage to eras gone by, adding a strong presence of the past to his forward thinking ideas. So, itís not before time that Carola chooses to highlight this theme, combining three distinctive cuts for the 3rd release of his Minus backed 2M imprint with heavy duty rhythm patterns that are as refreshing in the current dance music climate as they are necessary to the continued evolution of the genre. Earthy and tenacious, Tribe is no doubt a shout to the crowds that flock to hear him play every weekend. Kicking off in typical Carola fashion, the intro is soon smothered by a chugging bassline and additional layers of latin-esque percussion including a shimmering tambourine and a raw, funky conga line that carries the track forward. Once the track is fully constructed you know youíre onto a winner as Carola simply lets the liquid groove flow, occasionally punctuating each stanza with tricky little drum fills or sampled shouts, while utilising a buzzing synth stab to inject some intensity into the proceedings with a few gentle crescendos. If the aim of this EP is to highlight the spontaneous percussive vibe of the tracks, then just as Tribe speaks through its seductive, snaking grooves, Drumming is all about the complex drum solo that lies at its heart, utilising real kit sounds in a syncopated jazz style breakdown. It starts off harmlessly enough with a deep, clicky kick pattern thatís soon joined by an entourage of regimented percussion lines and a mechanical, jacking organ/bass hybrid. Time gradually becomes a loop with elements dropping in and out every eight bar cycle

2M03 in the media

...infotext continued: “...before, seemingly out of nowhere, Carola unleashes a battery of live drums. The elongated, freestyle drum solo that follows is ambitious to say the least but Carola carries it off it aplomb. All in all, itís a deliciously simple concept that does exactly what it says on the tin, sprinkling a bit of magic on the dancefloor in the process.”

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