“Tomorrow Today”

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Seeland was formed by Tim Felton (ex Broadcast) and Billy Bainbridge (exPlone) in the winter of 2004/05 amid the fallout from Birmingham’s ‘Retro Futurist Electronic scene’ – a group of musicians and artists inspired by space age pop, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Joe Meek and eccentric 60’s library music. Having previously released two singles for Stereolab’s mighty Duophonic imprint they spent the last few years carefully crafting the contemporary psychedelic masterpiece that is ‘Tomorrow Today’. In the same way that Ariel Pink is able to create something totally fresh whilst still referencing the past, Seeland manage to mix their love of the three minute pop song with sounds and tones you might encounter in the work of Travelogue-era Human League, Can, Scott Walker and Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, to create something modern yet warm and unique. Like the legendary producer Joe Meek, they blend abstract electronics with toe tapping pop tunes and like other psychedelic classics such as White Noise’s ‘An Electric Storm’ or ‘The United States of America’, Seeland have created an album that justifies repeated and deep listening. Often a phrase or melody floats by reminding the listener of some lost musical gem and yet all the while the listener is immersed in Seeland’s strange but familiar soundworld. Take a trip to a place you know well but have never been. from fact magazine UK (Jan, 2009) *Seeland might just have made the first great underground pop album of ‘09. TRACKLISTING 1. Burning Pages 2. Hang On Lucifer 3. Colour Dream 4. Turnaround 5. Captured 6. Library 7. Goodbye 8. Static Object 9. Station Sky 10. Call The Incredible 11. 5 A.M. 12. Pretty Bird

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