Lars Wickinger

“Black Is Back”

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Infotext The EP “Black is Back” shows no mercy for the house hype, two chord melodies and fluffy cloud beats. The titletrack pushes through the crowd, moves upfront and wants to work, rock and shake the dancefloor. Space Detective and Minuteman may be less aggresive but still they want to touch you from behind and move you. You shall welcome them as intimate strangers when you meet them again. Biography Lars Wickinger Music was always his way companion and his passion. As a guitarist he played in different Bands, with musical influences of new Wave, Hardcore or Indie & Post Rock. Then in the middle of the nineties the contact to Techno came in Hannover. The first electronic equipment was provided for starting his early productions in Techno. With the removal to Berlin and first co-operation with the studio partner Danyell aka Teleman, they released with “Vanilla Krepp” on Freizeitglauben Records 03 and also on the second Emergency Admission Sampler of the Popagenten/Berlin. 2003, he met the Singer Michael Skelton from Hamburg. They started the Hip Hop Electro Project called “Citizens International” which developed into productions of the Technoproject “C.I.T.” Under this project they relesaed on Electric Avenue (Label of Monika Kruse), Killabeat and Spoiler Music. As the next consequent step, Lars Wickinger released his first succesful tracks as soloartist. In 2006 he released Tracks on Opossumrecords/Berlin and this successful Blutrausch E.P. on Traum Schallplatten (Kompakt) Cologne. In 2007 he released on labels such as Liebe Detail, Dimmer, Suchtreflex, Killabeat, Living, Tanzbar, Curle and Flash Records. In 2008 records were released on Lebensfreude and Bondage Music. So he finally docks at leftism and weirdos label Haseland Magnetschallplatten, the techno imprint of Eleganz Records.

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