Mr Raoul K

“Le Karantkatrieme Peul”

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As some of you may have already noticed, each release of Mr Raoul Kís ĎPeulí series features a specicific African instrument as its main sound. This time itís the Balafon - a kind of sticcado, which uses calabashes as resonancebodies and is often handcrafted by its player. Here, the Balafon is used as a rhythmic and a melodic instrument. After a long intro, the track gathers momentum and takes off for one of those long buildups. When the tension is released, in come the vocals! Rising from a sparse chant to an energetic vocal that empathically pleads for unity. Then you get your beats back and off goes another African-European joyride. For those of you who arenít that much into vocals, a less vocalized mix is provided on the flipside. Enjoy another Mr Raoul K special treat.

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