“Viajero, Acos Coolkas Rmx”

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Theomatic celebrates its 10th release with An-2’s epic ‘Viajero’. Spanish for ‘voyager’, ‘Viajero’ is a dedication to all travellers and the spirit of travel. It’s about the fact that every traveller searching for better place on Earth every time ends up with the same - meets himself. The track is a result of a long work, waves that you hear in the background is Pacific Ocean recorded at Machalilla National Park in Ecuador while guitar was recorded in Izhevsk, Russia - An-2’s hometown, it’s performed by Ramil Vafin, keen guitarist, guitar maker and big friend of An-2, finally it all found it’s way together in An-2’s St.Petersburg studio. The remix comes courtesy of the ever excellent duo Acos Coolkas.

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